Brazil thinks Google is part of NSA plot?

The accountants at Google must be sweating in their boots after Brazilian judges ordered them to hand over private data collected through its Street View program.

Google settles with US states over Street View data grab

Following legal action, Google's going to pay just $7 million in the US for its Street View snooping, uncovered three years ago.

Google accused of donkeycide

Google's come in for a lot of stick over the years, over everything from privacy to monopolistic behaviour. Now, though, it stands accused of a completely new crime: running over innocent donkeys.

Nintendo Wii U app spices up Google Street View

Like most systems today, Nintendo's Wii U is designed to do more than simply play games.

Massive update rolls out to Google Street View

Google has just added 250,000 miles of roads in what it is calling its biggest update ever for its Street View platform.

Street View engineer told managers about collecting payload data

Google has released a full version of the FCC's report into its gathering of personal data with Street View cars - revealing that the 'rogue engineer' who gathered the data told colleagues that he was doing so.

FCC fines Google over Street View probe delays

Google's had its knuckles rapped by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for being too slow to cooperate with an investigation into Street View's unlawful collection of data.

Google axes Street View FPS

Google has pulled down a Street View modification that allowed people to turn the real-life imagery from around the world into a first-person shooter game.

Israel gives go-ahead to Street View

Israel's Justice Ministry has given the green light to Google's Street View cars, which will start capturing images of Jerusalem as soon as next month.

Google to take Steet View down the Amazon River

Google has embarked on an Amazon journey, and we're not talking about the online bookstore.

Street View snooping could have been wiretapping, judge rules

A California federal judge has refused to accept Google's argument that sniffing packets from an open- unencrypted Wifi network can't possibly be described as wiretapping.

Google Street View comes to India

Google's infamous Street View cars are invading the streets of India.

Google enhances Street View for non-cars

Google is working to add to the number of off-road Street View scenes online, as it prepares to take a specially equipped tricycle through some of the world's most famous trails and spots that a car can't get to.

Google Street View sparks Israeli security concerns

Plans to photograph Israeli cities for Google's Street View platform has sparked security concerns amongst various officials who fear the data could be exploited to help terrorist organizations plan attacks.

Google brings Street View into world's greatest galleries

Google has teamed up with museums and galleries around the world to create Google Art Project - a sort of Street View of art.  

Connecticut AG subpoenas Google Street View data

Connecticut's Attorney General is demanding access to WiFi data improperly collected from unsecured businesses and personal networks by roving Google Street View cars.

Google offers $1 of sweet vindication in Street View lawsuit

As the Google Street View car trolls roads nationwide, it seems to leave a trail of angry citizens in its wake.

Google Earth gains seamless Street View integration

Google's brought a new level of realism to Google Earth, incorporating a more seamless Street View mode and three-dimensional trees.

Germans chuck eggs at Street View opt-outs

German media are reporting that households which have opted to have their homes blurred on Street View have been pelted with eggs.

Britain rules on Street View data-gathering

Britain's privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office, has reached a conclusion about Google's illegal gathering of Wifi data with its Street View cars.