Wii Netflix goes into testing phase

Netflix has begun shipping Wii discs to some members that will allow them to stream titles from Netflix's instant viewing service directly from the Nintendo console.

Mog brings 7 million streaming tracks to mobile

Mog, a subscription-based "all you can eat music" service that launched last year, is coming soon to smartphone platforms, bringing on-the-go mobile access to 7 million songs.

ESPN Mobile TV now on Sprint

Thousands of hours of live sports and entertainment programming from ESPN will be streamed through Sprint phones over the next year through a new channel on the wireless carrier's existing mobile TV infrastructure.

Online startup Influxis enhances "create-your-own-TV-network" software

Influx's TVStation 2 allows users to create their own online TV network where they can program scheduled video, stream live content, and chat online with others in a unique Web-based social environment.

Wal-Mart invests in Vudu magic

Wal-Mart confirmed late Monday that it has entered into a deal to acquire online movie-on-demand service Vudu. It is the latest push from the global retail giant to expand into digital content.