Stream video from mobile devices to your TV with PLAiR

There are literally hundreds of PCs-on a stick crowding the lucrative Android market, including the quad-core MK809 III quad-core which first tipped up last month.

This Android set-top box is powered by a quad-core Allwinner A31 SoC

While versatile, the Allwinner quad-core A31 processor certainly isn't new, as we've seen it power a number of various devices in recent months.

Giaye is an orb-shaped Android set-top box

Giayee has unveiled a pod-like Android-powered set-top box that is quite reminiscent of Google's short-lived Nexus Q.

Redbox Instant heads to the Xbox 360

Xbox 360 owners will soon have an additional streaming video option.

Netflix and YouTube take on Airplay with DIAL

Netflix and YouTube have officially rolled out an Airplay alternative known as DIAL.

Netgear debuts Google-powered NeoTV set-top box

The first Google TV set-top box to hit the market was the Logitech Revue way back when.

$99 HiSense Pulse set-top box is powered by Google TV

Mountain View first introduced its Google TV platform in October of 2010.

Silicon Image debuts wireless streaming chip

A company known as Silicon Image has unveiled what it claims to be the industry's first single-chip, ultra-low power 60 GHz WirelessHD mobile transmitter specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

FCC filing teases Google-powered NeoTV Prime

It's not atypical for the first glimpse of  an upcoming device to be spotted making its way through the FCC's rigorous approval process.

OpenELEC is a DIY Linux HTPC

If you're in the market to build a home theater PC, you might want to check out the first stable release of the Linux distribution OpenELEC version 2.0.

Xbox Music gets detailed

It seems like almost every major industry player is looking to dip its toes into the digital music market, and Microsoft is obviously no exception.

Barnes & Noble preps video streaming for Nook lineup

More and more people are using their tablets or smartphones to stream video on the go when they're away from home, and Barnes & Noble wants in on the action.

Analysts see trouble on the horizon for Netlfix

Netflix saw its stock price slide almost 6% yesterday after the publication of a rather pessimistic report published by analysts at Macquarie Securities.

Turning the Raspberry Pi into a fully-functioning media center

The versatile $25-$35 Raspberry Pi has taken the developer and modder communities by storm in recent months.

Hulu Plus hits Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV set-top box, you may be perfectly satisfied with the video streaming services the device supports, such as Netflix and YouTube.

Why Hulu should sell ASAP

For a while Hulu was the place to go for entertainment on the Internet. But now the company really needs to hurry up and sell while its perceived value is still high.

Warner to stream movies on Facebook

Forget BlockBuster, Hulu and Netflix: Warner Bros. is planning to stream a variety of "rented" videos on Facebook.