If Twitch is bigger than TV then Nicole Slaw is the new Olivia Munn

According to Twitch.TV, its service is causing people to turn off television in favor of video game playing, and to be more precise, the watching of people playing video games. 

Tivo Roamio goes too far on price and not far enough on innovation

We've orgasmatron'd ourselves into a stupor over Chromecast, but we still have four TiVo boxes lying around the house, one is out of use, and one is even a TiVo Premier HD, or some such crap.    

G-Box Midnight MX2 is made for Android XBMC

Android-powered set-top boxes are starting to become rather commonplace, as they are now available in multiple price ranges and a variety of form factors. 

YW9300 is a versatile Android-powered set-top box

Over the last few weeks, we've seen several new devices powered by Samsung's Exynos 4412 quad-core processor hit the market.

An Allwinner A31 quad-core processor powers this Android TV stick

There's certainly no shortage of Android-powered TV sticks designed to stream all sorts of content to the big-screen.

Slick Roku 3 is 5x faster than previous models

Roku has unveiled its latest media streaming box.

Netflix and YouTube take on Airplay with DIAL

Netflix and YouTube have officially rolled out an Airplay alternative known as DIAL.

This Prometheus is an Android media player

Most media players, whether they are set-top boxes or PCs-on-a-stick, aren't exactly designed to win any awards, at least in terms in terms of aesthetics.

Report: Intel-branded set-top box to debut at CES 2013

Reports indicate that Intel is planning to debut a set-top box and streaming TV service at CES 2013 in Las Vegas this January.

eyeIO streams 4K Ultra HD

There are a limited number of 4K resolution televisions (Ultra HD) currently on the market.

Trent Reznor & Beats Electronics go streaming

If you're a fan of alternative 90's music, you'll no doubt remember Nine Inch Nails (NiN) front man Trent Reznor.

Redbox Instant wants to take on Netflix

Netflix faces new competition with Verizon's Redbox Instant platform rumored to launch on December 17, 2012.

Comcast Xfinity adds offline viewing

Xfinity TV Player users can now download and watch videos offline.

Split screen ESPN app hits Xbox Live

If you're an avid sports fan, odds are you spend a lot of  TV time watching ESPN.

Analysts see trouble on the horizon for Netlfix

Netflix saw its stock price slide almost 6% yesterday after the publication of a rather pessimistic report published by analysts at Macquarie Securities.

ZAP-A10 Android media player is powered by a 1 GHz Cortex A9 chip

Yesterday we took a look at the A10 Media PC, which pairs an ARM Cortex A8 processor with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Are changes afoot for Hulu?

When Hulu first launched, I was quite excited about being able to watch some past episodes of shows I liked on my TV by streaming them from the web.

Report: Xbox 360 used more for streaming than online gaming

The Xbox 360 and PS3 - like all consoles - were originally targeted at gamers.

HBO Go and Xfinity rolls out for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 owners who subscribe to Xfinity (Comcast), HBO or MLB.TV can now enjoy three new streaming platforms on their game consoles.