Galaxy S3 steals crown as top-selling smartphone - for now

More bad news for Apple: Samsung's Galaxy S3 has become the world's best-selling smartphone, knocking the iPhone 4S down to second place.

Bigger is better, say phone users

So what do you think is the perfect size? An inch or so bigger than you've got at the moment? Then join the club.

Samsung topples Apple in smartphone shipment

Despite a concerted effort from Apple to cripple Samsung's presence in the smartphone industry, it was not able to shake up things enough to reach the top spot.

Samsung eyes a Bada future

Samsung will reportedly open up its indigenous mobile software platform to external devs and device manufacturers sometime in 2012.

Apple beats RIM to number two smartphone spot

Apple's finally overtaken RIM in terms of worldwide smartphone sales and is creeping up behind market-dominating Nokia.