How much energy is required to store wind and solar power on the grid?

Renewable energy holds the promise of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. But there are times when solar and wind farms generate more electricity than is needed by consumers. Storing that surplus energy in batteries for later use seems like an obvious solution, but a new study from Stanford University suggests that might not always be the case.

Armed robbers raid Apple Paris store

Apple's flagship Paris store was robbed on New Year's Eve, with the thieves making off with around $1.3 million worth of products.

3D printing comes to New York streets

3D printer manufacturer MakerBot is making its biggest effort yet to target the consumer market with the release of a new low-cost model and the opening of a New York store.

Google Play aims to take on iTunes

Google's merged Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore to create Google Play, a new cloud-based service that works in much the same way as Apple's iTunes store.

Pranksters hijack Apple storefront in Germany

A group of pranksters posed as construction workers last week to plaster a giant Windows logo acroos the facade of a new Apple retail store in Hamburg.

'Apple Store 2.0' debuts

Apple yesterday revamped its retail stores worldwide, introducing iPad 2s next to all its products to give customers more information.

Interactive window responds to shoppers' commands

A new interactive store window display allows window-shoppers to see merchandise from any angle, read more information and even buy, simply by pointing.

MiKandi takes Android porn to a whole new level

MiKandi is rolling out a new version of its adult app store for Android along with a virtual currency system.

Game over for Game Crazy

Game Crazy is preparing to liquidate its stock and shut down the company's remaining operations over the next several weeks.

Report: Apple to ban protective screen film

Apple is reportedly planning to ban the sale of protective screen film in both its retail and online stores.