Storage system for ‘big data’ dramatically speeds access to information

As computers enter ever more areas of our daily lives, the amount of data they produce has grown enormously. But for this “big data” to be useful it must first be analyzed, meaning it needs to be stored in such a way that it can be accessed quickly when required.

Google ups the storage ante

Search engine Google has surprised observers by stepping up the size of its free cloud based storage offerings from five to 15GB.

IBM smashes the atom record

Scientists from IBM have created the world’s smallest film, made with thousands of atoms.

Windows 8 tablets dogged by OS prices

Chinese white-box vendors will start churning out Windows 8 tablets in May and the ex-factory prices for 11.6-inch units are estimated at about $300. 

Storage to soar from Big Data surge

Storage revenues will soar to $6 billion in 2016 because of the inexorable rise of big data.

Intel touts latest Atom-based storage platform

Intel has introduced a new storage platform based on its Atom Media Processor CE5300.

Kim Dotcom launches 'legal' Mega site

A year to the day after the raid on his New Zealand house, Kim Dotcom has launched his new file sharing site, Mega.

Apple patents a wind energy storage design

There’s no plan to put a wind turbine on the iPhone or iPad, so far as we know – but Apple nevertheless is apparently dabbling in wind power technology.

Mushkin ships 480 GB mSATA SSD

Tiny SSD packs a huge amount of storage, but it's far from cheap.

Samsung touts advanced storage for slim smartphones and tablets

Samsung has rolled out its next-generation 64 GB embedded multimedia card (eMMC). Dubbed the eMMC Pro Class 2000, the 64GB cards are manufactured using 10nm class process technology.

Microsoft sued over Surface storage

A California lawyer is suing Microsoft, claiming that the Surface tablet he bought has only half the advertised amount of storage.

Intel's 335 SSD hits 240GB

Intel has rolled out a new SSD targeted at entry-level buyers interested in replacing their traditional hard drives with an optimized solid state drive.

Monster Digital rolls out Daytona SSDs

Most techies automatically associate Monster Digital with high-end headphones or expensive cables for home theater and audio systems.

Different memories stored in dead rats' brains

The neuroscience professor who three years ago succeeded in storing information in slices of brain tissue has now been able to do the same thing for different types of memory.

Nanomagnets could revolutionize data storage

Scientists have demonstrated that it's possible to store information in individual molecules, potentially paving the way for storage devices that could be thousands of times smaller than today.

Rewritable digital data storage built in DNA

Scientists have successfully and repeatedly encoded, stored and erased digital data within the DNA of living cells.

Google Cloud Drive could offer 5GB of free storage

Cloud-based storage is all the rage today with multiple providers - including Dropbox and Apple - competing in the lucrative space.

IBM creates 12-atom storage device

IBM has discovered how to store a bit of information in just 12 atoms, compared with the million or so normally required.

Soapy beads offer cheap energy storage

Indian scientists have come up with a cheap way of storing the sun's heat and then releasing it slowly through the night.

Underground CO2 storage safe, say scientists

Storing carbon dioxide underground poses little threat to health, scientists from the University of Edinburgh claim.