What if James Cameron had directed Jurassic Park?

Jmes Cameron directing Jurassic Park? The mind boggles. It would have been a perfect novel for him to adapt, right? 

From Jaws to Dark Shadows

The other day I saw a preview for the Jaws Blu-ray, and I have to say it looked fantastic. 

Steven Spielberg may go IMAX 3D for Robopocalypse

We recently reported that the classic Raiders of the Lost Ark will have a one week run in IMAX.

Spielberg’s Lincoln hits theaters November 9

Abraham Lincoln already graced our nation’s screens this summer in the fictional form of Vampire Hunter. 

A look back at Spielberg's Jaws

It's hard to keep track of movie anniversaries as you go about your life, so when I was cruising the 'Net on the morning of June 20, I was very pleasantly reminded that Jaws hit theaters thirty-seven years ago.

From Planet of the Apes to Jurassic Park 4

Although Steven Spielberg won't be directing the fourth installment of the popular Jurassic Park franchise, he will be one of the film's producers along with Kathleen Kennedy.   

Remembering Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is one of those talents every genre fan owes an enormous debt to. 

Falling Skies trailer makes it personal

TNT has posted a preview of the upcoming second season of Falling Skies.

3D for Jurassic Park, but not Hunger Games

It's been rumored for some time, and it's obviously a natural, but now it's official that the first Jurassic Park movie will be converted to 3D. 

Alas John Carter

It's been a long time since a movie's had worse buzz than John Carter, to the point where you'd think it was the Heaven's Gate of science fiction.

The 3D insanity of Piranha

The original Piranha, released in 1978, was a very good, low budget Jaws rip-off that was Steven Spielberg's favorite take off on his shark classic.

From Paranormal Activity to The River

Having seen a trailer for The River with a lot of "scary" footage, and reading some early positive reviews for the pilot, I have a lot of hope for the series.

Lincoln the vampire hunter

It’s too bad Phil Hartman isn’t around anymore to make fun of this on The Simpsons, it’s almost something Troy McClure would star in, you could even call it Lincoln Vs. Lincoln. 

The magical worlds of Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg just celebrated his 65th birthday on December 16, but you wouldn't know it because the Hollywood veteran always had the soul and energy of a kid.

Jaws is coming... on Blu-ray!

I’ve always loved Jaws, but even I’m surprised at how fanatical the movie’s following is to this day.

The importance of film preservation

While talking to a friend of mine about horror movies, I was recently shocked to learn that the classic London After Midnight, starring Lon Chaney, is now a lost film.

The secret sketches of Terra Nova

I enjoyed Terra Nova right from the start. A lot of cash has been poured into the sci-fi series, and it really shows in all the right places. The sets are beautiful, the characters interesting, and the effects outstanding.

Michael Bay is undecided about Transformers

It's just like the line in Godfather III: as soon as he thought he was out, they're pulling him back in.

Will Jurassic Park return in 3D?

It's still a few years away from the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park, but apparently there are waves of nostalgia flooding back for the classic film.

Indiana Jones may return

Steven Spielberg wasn’t exactly thrilled with the inclusion of certain fantastic elements - such as aliens - in the fourth installment of Indiana Jones.