Does ET still hold up?

E.T. will be arriving soon on Blu-ray, along with Spielberg’s other blockbuster, Jaws. 

More top secret sci-fi films in the works

We write a lot about movie secrets, especially in the of the Internet where it's practically impossible to keep the plot of a movie under wraps. 

Jaws Blu-ray bites this August

Imitated many times but never equaled, Jaws will always be the ultimate shark movie. 

It scared the hell out of audiences in 1975, it still holds up great today, and it's got a strong fan following that will never die.

Spielberg on Spielberg

Many want to be the biggest and best in life, but if you're an aspiring filmmaker and one day want to knock Steven Spielberg off the top of the mountain, forget it. 

How to start your own film print collection

The age of the VCR was a bit of a strange experience for Steven Spielberg.