What to expect from Apple in 2011

Are you expecting a slew of revolutionary new products from Apple in 2011? Well, rest assured that Steve Jobs will continue to dazzle us with sexy new iterations of the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Angry Birds dev downplays Android fragmentation

The developer of one of Android's most downloaded games ever has come forward to say complaining about the operating system's "fragmentation" is nothing more than a cop out for app creators.

Obama calls Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, epitome of American dream

It looks like President Barack Obama might be a MacHead, because when given the opportunity to call out someone as the best example of a man who has achieved the American dream he picked out Steve Jobs over everyone else.

Why Howard Stern won’t do an iTunes show

The Internet is all a-Twitter with rumors that Howard Stern is about to sign a three-year, $600 million contract with Apple for an Internet/TV/iTunes show.

Pow! Steve Jobs gets turned into an action figure

If there was ever a technology industry figure who could be represented with a tiny body, big head, and a lot of gloss, it's Steve Jobs.

The brilliance of the iPad Trojan Horse

Sometimes I wonder if Steve Jobs is more brilliant than lucky, and I am willing to grant that he is likely both. 

Apple 1 up for auction - at $200,000

All over the world today, geeks will be yelling at their partners: 'I told you it'd be worth money someday!'. Yes, that old mess of circuitry that your spouse forced you to get rid of all those years ago, the Apple 1, might have been worth over two hundred thousand bucks.

Rumor: Steve Jobs eyes Sony acquisition

Is the venerable Steve Jobs and his trusty band of acolytes plotting a hostile takeover or acquisition of Sony with Club Cupertino’s $51 billion war chest?

Apple redefines the Mac with OS X Lion

OS X Lion, which ships next summer, is expected to offer users a sleeker, more iPad like experience.

RIM: Steve Jobs lives in a reality "distortion field"

RIM is hella angry at Apple CEO Steve Jobs for claiming that 7-inch touchscreen devices - such as the PlayBook - are woefully undersized for the tablet market.

TweetDeck CEO tells Steve Jobs to flip off

Is it just us or is Steve Jobs starting to act a little bit senile? He makes these big speeches and throws out company names not even thinking about the fact that those companies are actually listening to what he says.

Steve Jobs remains unimpressed with Android

Apple CEO Steve Jobs remains utterly unimpressed with Google's popular Android mobile operating system.

Apple defies economic recession with record breaking profits

Apple continued to defy the global economic recession by posting record breaking profits for its fiscal 2010 fourth quarter.

Adobe and Microsoft plot against Steve Jobs

Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) and Shantanu Narayen (Adobe) recently held a top-secret meeting about unseating Steve Jobs from his gilded throne of mobile domination.

Is Steve Jobs a control freak?

Sure, we've all heard the Silicon Valley rumors, but is Steve Jobs really a control freak? Well, Adidas - which recently pulled a $10 million mobile iAd campaign - certainly seems to think so. 

Zuckerberg's wealth more than doubles in a year

Mark Zuckerberg is now richer than Steve Jobs, according to the Forbes 400 List of People to Tap for a Loan till Pay Day, with a personal fortune of $6.9 billion compared to Jobs' paltry $6.1 billion.

Journalist says Steve Jobs has "no class"

An aspiring journalist from Long Island accuses Steve Jobs of lacking class after the CEO tells her to "leave [Apple] alone."

Magazine makes up a story about Steve Jobs being a ninja

A Japanese tabloid magazine reported that Steve Jobs ran into a bit of an issue at a local airport while on vacation. But no one really took it seriously until Bloomberg decided it was worth reporting.

Free iPhone case offer won't be renewed, so buy now

At this point, Apple's attitude about the iPhone 4 is, "If you're worried about our faulty antenna, tough luck." The company's deal to give customers a free case to protect the antenna will end at the end of the month.

Acer founder says Apple products are like "mutant viruses"

Acer founder Stan Shih claims he respects Apple, but insists that popular devices such as the iPad and and iPhone are little more than over-hyped mutant viruses.