Apple builds real-life walled garden

Steve Jobs gave another presentation yesterday, the day after delivering a keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference - to the Cupertino City Council.

Apple's iCloud rumored to cost $25/year

Apple plans to roll out its new iCloud music streaming service for free to entice users, but will then charge an annual fee.

Preorders propel Jobs biography to best-seller list

In 1989, a copy of the so-called Hebrew Bible sold for over two and a half million dollars - and that wasn't even authorized by Jesus.

Apple going FTW on June 6

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off on June 6 with a keynote address by none other than Steve Jobs himself. And let me tell you, this one seems like its going to be quite memorable.

Apple fandom is 'religious belief'

In a documentary screened by the BBC this week, neuroscientists suggest that Apple fans see the company's products in much the same way as religious people perceive their sacred icons.

Steve Jobs says Apple will testify before Congress

Apple CEO Steve Jobs says his company "looks forward" to testifying before Congress and other regulatory bodies to clarify how the iPhone collects and stores data.

Playbook versus iPad: What are the odds?

It seems as if the folks at RIM are gearing up for a battle with Steve Jobs and his so-called "magical" iPad.

Authorized Steve Jobs biography to be released next year

The first official biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is set to come out in early 2012.

Tawkon: Avoid radiation & talk on!

Tawkon has been making quiet ripples in the smartphone market. But most people only heard of the Israeli firm after the dramatic rejection of its app by the chief Apple guru himself - Steve Jobs. 

Jobs to face the music in iTunes anti-trust lawsuit

Steve Jobs looks set to face up to two hours' questioning over an anti-trust suit related to its iPod music players and the iTunes store.

Bon Jovi claims Steve Jobs is "killing" music

The aging rocker known as Jon Bon Jovi (or is that Bon Phony?) has blamed Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for "killing" the music industry with iTunes.

iPad 2: The risks are all internal

As we watched the iPad 2 launch today, many of us wondered if the popular tablet should be considered just another PC, or perhaps - like the iPod - a unique product in its own category.

Huge changes come to iPad 2, from $499, March 11

Steve Jobs, who was greeted with a standing ovation at today's event, has just revealed the iPad 2. It has so many new bells and whistles it almost makes the original iPad look like an artifact.

Steve Jobs opens hotly anticipated Apple event

After indefinitely stepping away from Apple's day-to-day responsibilities to tend to his worsening medical condition, Steve Jobs delighted fans today by defying the odds and stepping onto the stage to introduce today's expected iPad 2 announcement.

Rumor: Steve Jobs will be at iPad 2 launch event

There are a lot of Steve Jobs rumors being spread around these days. One thing that's known for sure is that his health is taking a turn for the worse, as he has stepped down from his day-to-day role at Apple. But despite that, there's a new report suggesting Jobs will be on hand for the launch of the iPad 2.

British PM scuppered knighthood for Steve Jobs

You know how it goes. You turn down someone's party invitation, and they just don't want to be your friend any more.

Steve Jobs has six weeks to live: tabloid

Usually we just point and laugh at whatever drivel the National Enquirer decides to publish, but the tabloid has just posted information that Steve Jobs only has six weeks to live and is gaining a lot of attention.

Steve Jobs still working for Apple

Steve Jobs is very ill and hasn't been working full-time for more than three weeks, but he wants people to know he's still working for the company, telecommuting as best he can.

This man can't stop hatin' on Steve Jobs and Microsoft

Netgear CEO Patrick Lo is hella angry at Steve Jobs. Why, you ask? Well, according to Lo, Steve's rather sizable ego is way out of control.

Steve Jobs takes medical leave, Apple stock dips

What other Fortune 500 company's stock is so dependent on one man that if he takes a little time off for medical reason, the market cap of the company instantly falls? This is Steve Jobs.