For iPhone 4S, pre-sales are staggering

As customers clamor to lock in their chance to get the newest and coolest gadget from Apple, we're looking at record-setting numbers.

The man who would be Steve Jobs

With the news that Sony is picking up the rights to the life story of Steve, many are now looking back to the TV movie about Jobs and Bill Gates, Pirates of Silicon Valley, which aired on TNT in 1999.

Steve Jobs death certificate released

A copy of Steve Jobs's death certificate was released to the public yesterday, confirming the cause of death we all expected.

Hollywood and Metal pay tribute to Steve Jobs

Judging by the reactions around the world, the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has been a terrible loss for people of all walks of life. 

Westboro Baptist Church hates Steve Jobs too

Our friends at the Westboro Baptist Church have found a new way of spreading misery and hatred - sorry, God's love - and are proposing to picket Steve Jobs' funeral.

Apple memoria brings back failed game console

Today, the Internet is all abuzz with memories and retrospectives about Steve Jobs and the company he helped created, but here's one that is particularly interesting.

Who will be the next Steve Jobs?

Apple fans worldwide are mourning the death of tech visionary Steve Jobs. 

Flags have been lowered to half-staff at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, as employees place flowers around a white iPad with a picture of the Apple co-founder.

Facebook scammers exploit Steve Jobs' death

With the internet lighting up to express sadness at the death of Steve Jobs, security experts are warning of scammers attempting to take advantage.

Steve Jobs passes away at 56

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56.

Stevie Wonder gives props to Steve Jobs

Apparently Stevie Wonder is a MacHead at heart. During a recent performance, Wonder took a moment to sing the praises of Apple and its founder Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs's biological dad wants to meet dying son

Did you know that Steve Jobs was given up for adoption as an infant?

Tim Cook to be Apple CEO until 2021

This is for all of you who thought Tim Cook might only be an interim replacement for Steve Jobs.

Apple and the post-Steve Jobs roundup

When Steve Jobs announced he was stepping down as the CEO of Apple, the industry's immediate reaction was one of genuine sadness mixed with speculation and concern about the company's future.

Analysis: Steve Jobs leaves Apple, but legacy remains

Even though Steve Jobs will no longer be at the head of the revolutionary company he helped create, Apple will continue to be a Steve Jobs company.

Steve Jobs resigns, Tim Cook is new Apple CEO

Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple's Chief Executive Officer. Tim Cook, previously Cupertino's Chief Operating Officer, is Apple's new CEO. 

Steve Jobs biography moved up to November

Eccentric. Genius. College drop-out. Billionaire. Complicated visionary. Pain in the ass. There's many things you can say about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, and you still wouldn't scratch the surface.

DA will not charge Gizmodo over "misappropriated" iPhone 4

The San Mateo County District Attorney will not be pressing charges against Gizmodo or parent company Gawker Media over the controversial "misappropriation" of an iPhone 4 prototype.

Steve Jobs dismisses rumors of his successor

Apple CEO and cancer survivor Steve Jobs is not keen on discussing speculation about who will replace him when the inevitable happens.

Video chat - could it be Facebook's biggest mistake?

Presentation is indisputably a significant factor in how well a product is received by consumers. 

Mark Zuckerberg now worth $18 billion

Although not even 30 years old yet, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been dubbed the third richest person in the tech industry.