Can Steve Jobs keep the book biz strong?

Everything's been hit hard with the economy going down, including the book business, but there's been a major saving grace lately: the biography of Steve Jobs.

Jobs's posthumous honors include Grammy, Hungarian statue

Although he is not alive to accept it, the Recording Academy announced this week that Steve Jobs will be receiving a Grammy Award in 2012.

Those stylin' geeks

Okay, so you were a geek in high school, couldn't get the girl, and got tossed in the dumpster regularly by bullies. None of that really matters when you form a company that changes the world and makes you a billionaire, right?

Steve Jobs biography might get an addendum

Perhaps following in the mold of Apple, biographer Walter Isaacson has hinted there might be a newer, better version of the Steve Jobs biography in the future.

Steve Jobs is not "Person of the Year"

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has lost out on being named "Person of the Year," as Time Magazine awards its coveted title to "The Protestor" in the wake of demonstrations sweeping through the Middle East, US and Europe.

The iTV is real, or so we hear

All the rumors about a "smart" TV powered by Apple and envisioned by Steve Jobs, are apparently due to become reality by the end of 2012.

On Steve Jobs and digital immortality

There is a video currently going around Twitter that shows Steve Jobs discussing the concept of a Smart TV back in 1998. Clearly, he thought it was a stupid idea.

Will Aaron Sorkin write the Steve Jobs biopic?

It wasn't long after Steve Jobs passed away that there was speculation his life would be turned into a film.

Chief Rabbi blames Apple for selfish society

Britain's Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, has hit out at Steve Jobs for creating an 'I' generation.

Will Steve Jobs be Person of the Year?

Although we lost Steve Jobs last month, we’re still seeing him everywhere, from the covers of countless magazines, all over the web, and at the top of the best sellers list with his biography from Simon and Schuster.

What Steve Jobs told Playboy in 1985

David Sheff has a hell of a writing career. He did the last major interview with John Lennon for Playboy, and he's also conducted major interviews with Frank Zappa, Jack Nicholson, David Hockney, and Carl Sagan.

Steve Jobs biography becomes instant best seller

In just a few days, the authorized tell-all biography of Steve Jobs has, unsurprisingly, become the best-selling book on the market and is already nearing the list of top books of 2011.

Steve Jobs - behind the turtleneck

A lot has been written about Steve Jobs since his passing last month, and of course whenever you think of him, it's not only the great Apple innovations that come to mind, but also his black turtleneck and Levis.

Steve Jobs final words, and more bedside revelations

There are some new details about what happened in the hours and moments before Steve Jobs met his untimely end.

Howard Stern pays homage to Steve Jobs

As long time Howard Stern fans like myself know, the guy was a big fan of Steve Jobs and his innovations. Now with Jobs’s tragic passing this month, Howard wants to join the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Analyzing Apple without Steve Jobs

A number of industry analysts have concluded that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs may prove irreplaceable in the long-term. 

Al Gore comments on impact of Steve Jobs death

Former vice president and current media attention junkie Al Gore talked about his relationship with Steve Jobs at a tech conference called AsiaD this week.

McAfee Goes deep with Richard Branson on Steve Jobs at Focus in Las Vegas

McAfee held its annual Focus event in Las Vegas this week.

Apple Stores to hold Steve Jobs 'moment of silence'

Apple store locations nationwide will be closed for 90 minutes today following a private memorial honoring the life of Steve Jobs.

Report: Steve Jobs had a hand in iPhone 5

The iPhone 4S may not be the last phone that was designed in part by Steve Jobs.