Christian Bale to Play Steve Jobs?

While there’s no official word just yet, David Fincher, director of Fight Club and The Social Network, is up to helm the official Steve Jobs biopic, which will be released by Sony. Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay, and now reports are burning up the net as to who could play the title role.

David Fincher May Direct the Biopic on Steve Jobs

The rights to the life of Steve Jobs were snapped up by Sony right after he passed away, but it certainly didn’t stop another Jobs biopic, which starred Ashton Kutcher, from being rushed into production. While that version didn’t do well, Aaron Sorkin wrote a script for the Sony version, and now David Fincher may be directing.

How Steve Jobs saved Apple's bacon with an outstretched ARM

The chip designers at ARM Holdings have turned the computing world upside down, shaken Intel to its core, pulled AMD into its orbit, and broadened its range beyond mobile into every nook and cranny of the digital world, from toys to servers. But where did this UK wonder company come from?

Sales figures show deep problems for Jobs' Mob

Last week's sales figures provided the world with evidence that Jobs' Mob is getting a good kicking from Samsung and failing to keep up.

Some Thoughts On jOBS iBOMBING

We at TGD have been following the news on jOBS for a while, practically since it was announced, and reaction to the movie has been middling to mixed at best. The most recent batch of reviews haven’t been especially stellar, and the box office has been dreadful.

On the Eve of jOBS

The Steve Jobs biopic jOBS is just about in theaters, and while it’s gotten mediocre to decent reviews, the public will ultimately decide whether this retelling of Jobs’s life makes the grade or not. In all likelihood, this won’t be the last biopic of Jobs because Sony secured the rights to his life story right after he passed away, with Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men) writing the screenplay. (No one has been selected to direct or star in the film as of yet.) 

Apple without Jobs? Nyet, says Larry Ellison

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is not exactly optimistic about the future of Apple without Steve Jobs at the helm.

The Woz Comments Further on jOBS

The Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, is due for release in September, and it’s already come with its share of controversy. The reviews have been middling to fair, and there’s been recent speculation that Steve “the Woz” Wozniak may have gotten short shrift in the movie. 

Does Steve Wozniak Get the Shaft in the Steve Jobs Biopic?

When Steve Jobs passed away, Sony got the rights to his life, and Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men) has written the screenplay. This version has yet to be made, but a smaller, less expensive version of Jobs’s life, jOBS, has already been made with Ashton Kutcher in the lead, and is due for release on August 16. 

Apple blames Steve Jobs in book inquiry

Apple is trying to tell a US court that its former messiah, Steve Jobs, was lying when he bragged about bullying publishers into an epublishing deal.

Bug messes up Apple iMessaging

Software geniuses at Apple have come up with a super new innovative feature which will make sure that its iMessaging service will be a game changer.

Report: Steve Jobs worked on the iPhone 5S and beyond

I think many people, no matter how they feel about Apple or its products, will agree that Steve Jobs was one of the most influential people in all of the technology industry.

Steve Jobs was very hard to work with

The former creator of Atari has penned a book called Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Hire, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent. It sounds like if you see one, cross the street or run away.

Apple "has lost its vision"

Former Microsoft chief operating officer Bob Herbold thinks Apple might be losing its vision. Now that Steve Jobs is gone, so is the magic, apparently.

The late Steve Jobs becomes a manga hero

The former messiah of Apple, Steve Jobs, has been resurrected as a manga hero in Japan.

Adobe meets Apple in a muddy business

This week Apple made the surprise announcement that it was hiring its long running enemy Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch as vice president of technology. Industry watchers who have been following Cupertino's antics to kill off Flash on the internet were surprised.

Steve Jobs biopic is on hold

When Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, the rights to his life story were swept up quickly to become a major motion picture at Sony.

Wozniak says Apple needs to keep setting the standard

Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak has never been afraid to say what he thinks about the technology world and even the company he helped build.

BlackBerry launch - inspired by Steve Jobs?

I’ve often wondered why more companies don't follow the Steve Jobs script when announcing a product.

Wozniak less-than-thrilled with jOBS film

The Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and it’s gotten fair to middling reviews.