Report: Xbox 360 to get full stereoscopic 3D

A new report claims Microsoft will be unveiling full stereoscopic 3D capabilities for its flagship Xbox 360 gaming console at E3 in June.

Next Wii will not have 3D

Not only has Nintendo been the only game console manufacturer to shy away from HD capabilities, it is now also the only one that sees absolutely no value in 3D TV gaming.

Stereoscopic 3D PC market: $0 to $34 billion in 4 years

The new stereoscopic 3D home standard is not just heading to your TV, it's also making its way to the PC market. And analysts predict that as many as 75 million 3D PCs will be sold in the next 4 years.

Sony says stereoscopic 3D is the future of gaming

A Sony spokesperson has stated that 3D stereoscopic gaming will play a "crucial" role in determining the company's future.

Crytek revs stereoscopic 3D engine

Crytek has confirmed that it will be showcasing its next-generation CryENGINE in stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) at GDC 2010.