Billionaire gives Stephen Hawking $1 million prize

Stephen Hawking has netted a $3 million prize from a Russian billionaire who dropped out of a physics PhD to make money from social media. A similar pot is to be shared by seven scientists at CERN.

Hawking too ill for 70th birthday celebration

Professor Stephen Hawking was too unwell to attend a conference marking his 70th birthday, but delivered his speech via a recording.

Could you make Stephen Hawking's voice heard?

British physicist Stephen Hawking is looking for an assistant to travel the globe with him and help him communicate.

Stephen Hawking rejects idea of afterlife

Physicist Stephen Hawking has described the idea of heaven as a 'fairy story'.

God to Stephen Hawking: Really? That's all you've got?

Ironically, by disputing God, Hawking may get us all killed by God.

Stephen Hawking says God isn't necessary

Theoretical physicist and official World's Cleverest Chap Stephen Hawking says there's no reason to think that God created the universe.

Hawking says colonization not an option

Stephen Hawking believes humans must colonize additional planets or face mass extinction.

Beware alien invaders, says Stephen Hawking

They say strangers are just friends you haven't met yet - but it's not a view Stephen Hawking shares. In a new documentary series for the Discovery channel, he suggests that we should be avoiding making contact with aliens at all costs.