Nokia has its first Windows tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520, with Windows RT 8.1

Stephen Elop, who was Nokia's CEO and is moving into a new executive role at Microsoft, admits that it was hard to choose Windows over Android. But, the Lumia 2520 is the first RT tablet not made by Microsoft. Let the games begin. 

Nokia and Microsoft is too late, too much, and too yesterday

So, your brand barely floats in mobile and you need to find a way to refresh it, or reinvent it. So, you decide to buy another brand that finds itself in the same situation, mostly due to siding with you. Microsoft acquiring Nokia is like geezers marrying each other because they could use the company.

Nokia comes back from the dead

Former rubber boot maker Nokia is likely to report that it has come back from the dead.

Nokia introduces Windows Phone 8 phones

The next iteration of Windows Phone is here.

Nokia loses a bunch of money, but could be worse

Nokia posted its fourth quarter numbers today, and although it lost a staggering €1.07 billion ($1.38 billion), it could have been much worse.

Nokia not interested in making an ordinary tablet

It seems like everyone's in on the tablet wars these days.

Development of Nokia Windows phone begins

The first Nokia phone to run Windows Phone 7 instead of Nokia's long-running Symbian platform is reportedly already in development.

Nokia-Microsoft deal caused Intel CEO to curse

The deal between Nokia and Microsoft was so mind-boggling that Intel CEO Paul Otellini could only use profanity to express his feelings about it, he said in a speech at this week's Mobile World Congress.

Another Microsoft bigwig jumps ship

Oh, my. Another Microsoft bigwig has jumped off the rapidly sinking ship. Is this becoming a trend?

Nokia's N8 ship date slides back

Nokia's warning customers that the N8 - launched only last week - will ship later than expected.

More changes at Nokia as smartphone head quits

Following the appointment of Stephen Elop as CEO, Nokia's head of mobile solutions Anssi Vanjoki has resigned after just six weeks in the job.

Nokia appoints former Microsoft guy as new CEO, experts worry

Nokia has crowned Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft employee and someone with a strong knowledge of the US software market, as its newest chief executive officer. However, the headlines aren't all hearts and roses for Elop.