Can carbon-neutral ‘Woodcubes’ make steel unecessary?

As EarthTechling has reported in the past, the construction industry is fast regaining its appreciation for wood as a building material. With a hefty carbon footprint, steel has fallen out of favor for large building projects, and many designers are replacing it with wood with great results.

Lone inventor creates stronger steel

A Detroit inventor has found a way to make steel seven percent stronger than any steel on record, offering the promise of lighter, thinner car bodies and stronger armored vehicles.

New materials have steel's strength and plastic's moldability

Yale University scientists say they've come up with a set of new metals that are stronger than steel but as easy to mold as plastic.

Liquid blade disables IEDs in Afghanistan

Researchers at Sandia National Labs have developed a "liquid blade" capable of disabling improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The device - which shoots a blade of water and penetrates even steel - is currently being shipped to US troops deployed in Afghanistan.