iPhone meets time machine: Steampunk invades Seattle

Like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, or Ike and Tina, Steampunk is another classic combination of Victorian era Britain and elements of futuristic science fiction.

Video: Modder builds a Steampunk TorrentMeter

A modder known as "Skytee" has created a unique Steampunk-themed TorrentMeter out of a 1908 brass voltmeter.

Steampunk Riese hits Syfy.com

The first two episodes of the popular Steampunk digital series known as "Riese: Kingdom Falling" are now live on Syfy.com.

iPhone dock gets Steampunk makeover

A talented Etsy artist has created a truly beautiful Steampunk-themed iPhone dock that successfully fuses art with function.

SteamPunk artillery targets Apple iPhone

MaxNick is targeting Apple's iPhone and iPad with its SteamPunk-themed Box Battle artillery game.

USB typewriter spotted in the wild

A talented Steampunk modder by the name of Jack Zylkin has converted a number of typewriters into fully-functioning USB keyboards.