Video: Check out this Steampunk Wheelharp

The Wheelharp is a musical instrument that allows users to bow a full chromatic set of real strings using a mechanical keyboard.

Thief reboot en route

The Thief franchise of games popularized and defined the stealth action adventure, starting with the first one Thief: The Dark Project back in 1998.

Review: The steampunk rebels of The Warlord of the Air

Titan Books has reprinted the classic steampunk novel.

Dishonored steampunk clip is flexible combat

Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios have posted a new clip for Dishonored, an upcoming steampunk-themed action RPG.

Supernatural Dishonored trailer goes interactive

Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios have posted an interactive trailer for Dishonored, an upcoming steampunk-themed action RPG.

Dracula haunts small screens in Victorian era drama serial

NBC and Sky Living have confirmed that their adaptation of the classic Bram Stoker novel Dracula will premiere next spring.

Steampunk Aperture portal gun is epic

I'm sure quite a few of us have kicked off projects that started with modest expectations, yet ended up as something radically different than originally intended.

Rush album is now a steampunk novel

An upcoming Rush album dubbed "Clockwork Angels" is being transformed into a sci-fi/steampunk novel by none other than Kevin J. Anderson.

Steampunk pocket watch winds via solar power

Here’s a timepiece that’s a blast from the past and in tune with the future. 

Yes, it’s a Victorian-styled pocket watch, powered by the sun.

Steampunk revives Victorian age in Atlanta

If you’ve ever seen someone decked out in what looked a Victorian era blacksmith outift combined with a futuristic apocalyptic personality, you may have just run into a steampunk.

This Steampunk Android phone costs $50K

This Android-powered Ulysse Nardin Chairman is Steampunk as hell and priced, well, a bit on the expensive side.

Shakespeare goes Steampunk

All the world's a stage, and all men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances - and some even wear cool Steampunk costumes and carry a bunch of retro-futuristic weapons.

Why steampunk Riese needs a makeover

Riese: Kingdom Falling is a Hulu exclusive steampunk web-series produced by Syfy. It's very dark, and very steampunk. Unfortunately, that's about all it is.

Sarah Palin gets steampunked

Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin hasn't just gone rogue, she's been steampunked! That is in comic book form, of course.

Is Steampunk the new Goth?

"Goths" have long since been defined as a group wearing dark clothes and makeup that worship the punk rock scene and gothic traditions of the 19th century. But watch out goths, there's a new kid in town: the steampunk.

This Steampunk movie is so 1884

Have you ever wondered what a Steampunk version of 19th century Europe would have looked and felt like?

Pneumatic pipes deliver pizza in Steampunk fantasy

Who doesn't love fast food? And what's faster and more cool than having food pumped directly to your house via pneumatic tube? 

Meet the $76,000 Steampunk Miluira

Meet the Steampunk-themed Miluira, a retro electric vehicle that will set you back a cool $76,000.

This Steampunk computer is pure Victorian eye candy

The Timekeeper is a hand-made, Steampunk-themed PC that ships with either Windows 7 Home Premium or Linux Ubuntu.

Raygun competition fuses steampunk and future tech

If you thought a raygun shootout was only possible in Hollywood studios, then you're dead wrong. 

Not only are rayguns "real," but there is also a competition designed to test one's raygun prowess.