On the future of Valve's Steam Box

Valve has yet to officially confirm specs for its upcoming Steam Box, although that hasn't stopped rampant speculation and analysis about the system's future in our living rooms.

Valve no longer associated with Xi3? Not so fast.

The uber-mini Xi3 Piston small form factor gaming computer first debuted at CES 2013 in January, where Xi3 also confirmed it had received an investment from Valve for the device.

Is Infinity Ward testing Valve's Steam Box Piston?

During CES 2013 this past January, a tiny little gaming system from Xi3 and Valve tipped up. As you may recall, the machine was hailed as a prototype of Valve's upcoming Steam Box Piston.

Is Apple the biggest threat to Valve's Steam Box?

You might think a company looking to bring its video game console to market would be most concerned with competing systems.

Valve wants to hire hardware experts

Software company Valve wants to get into the hardware game.