US Navy preps stealth destroyers

The Pentagon has been spending big money for many years now developing stealth technology for the aviation industry.

Russia hits afterburners on stealth tech

The world of aviation is moving towards the rapid adoption of stealth technology, whether for drones, bombers, or fighter aircraft.

Stealth boat speeds through water using supercavitation

US company Juliet Marine Systems has invented a boat that uses supercavitation to glide quickly through the water, undetected by radar.

Beware the Android Gingermaster

Researchers from NC State University and NetQin have positively identified an Android malware variant that successfully utilizes a Gingerbread (2.3) root exploit.

Stealth debuts all-terrain electric bikes 

Stealth Electric Bikes has launched two new all-terrain models in the American market: The Fighter and The Bomber. 

Stealth drone takes maiden flight

A military stealth drone that needs no human control at all took its first test flight on Friday.

China's military tech advances as America stagnates

Beijing has unveiled a sophisticated stealth jet fighter that is reportedly light-years ahead of Lockheed Martin's F-22 Raptor.

Invisibility cloak hides underwater objects from sonar

University of Illinois researchers have developed an acoustic cloak, making underwater objects invisible to sonar and other ultrasound waves.

Stealth uncloaks ultra-mini PC

Stealth has uncloaked an ultra-mini PC that weighs in at an incredible 1.2 lbs and is the size of a paperback novel.

Microsoft preps Halo Reach beta launch

Microsoft is poised to launch its Halo Reach multiplayer beta for the Xbox 360.