State Department details WikiLeaks fallout

The US State Department has detailed a number of "extraordinary steps" taken to limit international fallout after thousands of classified documents were published on WikiLeaks. 

WikiLeaks hit by cyberattack

The Wikileaks website was yesterday hit by a cyberattack, as it continued with the release of tens of thousands of secret State Department cables.

US working on 'secret internet' for dissidents abroad

The US government is engaged in an effort to create a 'shadow internet', allowing dissidents in other countries to circumvent internet monitoring and outright bans.

Senator blames Obama for tepid WikiLeaks response

A Republican senator is angry at the Obama administration for its allegedly lackluster and tardy response to WikiLeaks.

US State Department wages diplomatic war on Twitter

A clueless State Department official recently attempted to cajole Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into releasing two imprisoned US hikers with a very undiplomatic tweet.

Obama criticizes Middle East Blackberry ban

The Obama administration has criticized the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for threatening to ban certain BlackBerry smartphone services.

Governments use internet as tool of control

Two reports have concluded that governments around the world are increasingly limiting freedom of expression on the internet.