GigsWiz makes buying music tickets social

There's really nothing social about buying a pass for a concert or music festival through a big ticketing agent.

Thinglink enables picture storytelling with sound, video, & Twitter

"Every picture is worth a thousand words," is a saying made true by Thinglink technology.

Burning Man meets Silicon Valley meets the water

Part Burning Man, part startup incubator, Patri Friedman says he has a vision to create a floating libertarian nation 12 miles off the coast of California.

Israeli startup with more users than Twitter may sell for billions

You may have never heard of it but the Israeli startup Conduit has half as many users as Facebook, more users than LinkedIn and Twitter, and it’s for sale.

Amazon and Facebook help launch venture fund

A new $250 million venture capital fund supported by Amazon, Facebook, Zynga, Comcast and Liberty Media is looking for social networking startups to support.