Are we over the Starcraft gaming hill at 24?

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but if you’re over 24 years of age you’ve already reached your peak in terms of your cognitive motor performance, according to a new Simon Fraser University study.

Blizzard skeptical about Xbox 360 for MMOs

Blizzard, the company that pays its way in the world via Starcraft and World of Warcraft subscription fees, said it could be interested in bringing its MMO prowess to the Xbox 360, but wasn't sure the console could handle it.

The iPad military app that looks more like a video game

If you've poured dozens of hours into games like Starcraft, you may have thought you were just honing your pointless video game skills. But in reality, you were years ahead of the government in realizing the best way to manage time and resources during war.

How to major in Starcraft at Florida U

Forget about weekend keggers, man. Going to college has never been as fun as this!

Blizzard stands down over forum controversy

Blizzard has reversed a controversial decision that would have forced thousands of Starcraft and World of Warcraft (WoW) players to use their real names on the company's online forums.

Starcraft II gets July 27 release date

The sequel to one of the most popular RTS games of all time has finally been slated with a release date, triggering countdown clocks at PC gamer homes across the country.

South Korea scandalized by StarCraft betting ring

The global e-sports community is reeling from reports that a number of pro-gamers in South Korea may have engaged in StarCraft match fixes and illegal betting.