'Wrong way' planetary orbits explained

Scientists believe they've worked out why some extrasolar planets orbit in the opposite direction to their star's rotation.

US team discovers heaviest antimatter yet

Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have made the heaviest antimatter ever found.   

Cannibal star discovered

An astronomer says he's caught a star in the act of chewing up a companion and spitting out a second generation of exoplanets.

Largest ever star discovered

Astronomers have discovered the biggest star ever - more than 300 times the mass of the Sun, and twice as large as the generally accepted limit of 150 solar masses.

Astronomers catch moment of star's birth

What could be the youngest known star has been photographed in the earliest stages of being born.

Astronomers discover gas-giant exoplanet

Astronomers have discovered a gas-giant exoplanet locked into a circular orbit around its parent star.