A closer look at The Empire Strikes Back

It used to be a given in Hollywood that a sequel was never as good as the original. This has obviously changed in recent years, with fans expecting no less than a stellar experience the second time around.

The Batmobile goes on tour

When Chris Nolan took over the Batman franchise, one of the most interesting changes he made was to the Batmobile. 

Happy Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Day is today so "May the 4 be with you!" Yes, this is a special day set aside for fans of the franchise to celebrate all things geeky and good about the original trilogy and complain about the new films - if so inclined.

The art of bad sci-fi swag

George Lucas definitely had the right idea when he kept the merchandising rights in his Star Wars deal. 

Can the Wachowskis do it again?

The summer of 1999 was quite a time for genre fans. George Lucas had finally returned with Star Wars Episode One, which sadly left a lot of people very disappointed. 

The Etch a Sketch is back and on the campaign trail

Who still has fond memories of playing with their Etch a Sketch? I certainly do, and like many of my young brethren spent many hours doodling away with it.

"Ultimate" LEGO R2-D2 coming soon

LEGO recently presented fans with a complex collector's LEGO version of everyone’s favorite droid.

CGI gets crowd sourced for new sci-fi show

I'm actually surprised this hasn't happened sooner, but apparently a web series is being created where the CGI effects are being outsourced, or "crowd sourced" as it's called, in exchange for getting your effects work shown.

Rarest sci-fi movie poster up for sale

I've  been a big fan of movie posters since I can remember, and whenever I can spare a few bucks, I  like to buy some of my favorites for my little collection.

Some thoughts on the passing of a Star Wars master

It’s really quite difficult to make science fiction films come alive on paper. 

A good visual presentation is crucial, and it took the artwork of Ralph McQuarrie for Star Wars to finally get the greenlight at Fox.

Superhero auction touches down in April

There have been a number of amazing Hollywood auctions lately, where everything from the Dude’s (The Big Lebowski) to the original camera that filmed the first Star Wars movie went to the highest bidder.

Saying goodbye to a Star Wars visionary

The Force was certainly strong with Star Wars visionary Ralph McQuarrie, who recently passed away at the age of 82.

Introducing the Millenium Falcon guitar

When I was a kid, I tried doing glue together model kits, and many of them just had too many little pieces to keep track of and put together.

Has George Lucas lost his touch?

It's hard to believe that Red Tails, the long-awaited new film from George Lucas, already hit theaters a month ago. 

The Force is strong with Lego Star Wars & The Avengers 

Lucas Licensing is extendeding its lucrative Star Wars deal with The Lego Group for another 10 years.

On Space Janitors and Star Wars

Early promotional material for the upcoming Star Wars parody web-series Space Janitors has appeared online, giving us a look at the goofy tale of a pair of janitors aboard the Death Star.

The Phantom Menace: Looking back in anger

Most of us probably remember where they were when The Phantom Menace, the long-awaited continuation of the Star Wars saga from George Lucas, hit theaters nationwide.

From Chewie to The Jetsons

To any aspiring screenwriters about to read this, please remember that such stories are about as rare as winning the lottery. 

Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 heading out April 3

Although originally scheduled to be released last November for the holiday season, the special edition Xbox 360 with a Star Wars motif is shipping out in two months.

Dying is easy, Star Wars is hard

Everyone knows George Lucas loves to complain, and Star Wars obviously wasn't an easy movie to make.