Star Wars: The search for a new director continues

Speculation as to who will direct the next Star Wars film has been flying fast and furious ever since the deal with Disney was announced.

Where is the Star Wars universe headed next?

There have been a lot of interesting Star Wars related reports hitting the 'Net in recent weeks. 

The never-ending Star Wars story

So now that we know there’s going to be more Star Wars films, one can't help wonder how long the series will last, and how old we’ll be once it all ends.

Carrie Fisher says she is returning to Star Wars

Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) may be mulling a return to the Star Wars universe, but Carrie Fisher says she has already decided to reprise her role as the lovely Princess Leia.

Should Vader return to Star Wars?

One of the many recent internet rumors about the upcoming Disney Star Wars trilogy is that Vader will be  making his return.

Video: The Clone Wars gets David Tennant as guest star

Former Doctor Who star plays a droid in the acclaimed CGI serial.

What if Spielberg directed Star Wars episode 7?

Now that we know there will be three more Star Wars movies, the speculation’s been flying fast and furious about who could possibly direct them.

Harrison Ford eyes Star Wars episode seven

No, this story was not first reported on a parody site, although the thought of Harrison Ford coming back to Star Wars is…well, words escape us on this one.

Does LucasArts have a future under Disney?

There is a lot of talk about what Disney will be doing with LucasFilm, but LucasArts may be where we see the most change.

Star Wars is back - the world reacts

When the news recently hit that George Lucas was selling his empire to Disney for a cool $4.05 billion, and that there would be more Star Wars films, the reaction predictably ran the gamut from fans everywhere. 

Who will direct the new Star Wars?

Once the news hit that George Lucas was selling his empire to Disney, it must have taken all of five seconds before everyone wondered who would be direcingt the next three Star Wars flicks.

George Lucas sells off the Star Wars Empire

When George Lucas announced he was retiring, many Star Wars fans figured that would be it for the franchise.

Filoni talks Clone Wars season five

Star Wars: The Clone Wars tells the story that was left greatly underserved by the films: Anakin's days as a general in the Clone Wars, and it's been doing a fantastic job.

Video: Angry Birds Star Wars trailer goes live

Angry Birds, coded by the Finnish-based Rovio, is easily one of the most popular games on any mobile platform.

Clone Wars clip makes an alliance

Lucasfilm has released a clip teasing the upcoming season premiere of its CGI Star Wars drama.

Buying a piece of the moon

The strangest things seem to be sold at auction these days.

What price the Death Star?

Recently, several publications tried to calculate the theoretical net worth of Batman and Iron Man, including what it would cost to maintain their lifestyles and develop those cool superhero gadgets.

Fan-made anime Star Wars is better than the new trilogy

The creator of this awesome fan-made Star Wars movie needs a job in the industry - and Hollywood could definitely use talent like this to raise the genre bar.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek - the ultimate galactic battle

Remember those endless newsgroup threads about the two most famous competing sci-fi universes: Star Wars vs. Star Trek?  

Can free-to-play save Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Star Wars is more than just a series of movies or your typical franchise.