Check out this Millennium Falcon PC-Mac mod

Star Wars fans! Prepare to have your geek lust stoked to the point where you may well have an aneurysm.

White House takes on Death Star petition

The White House has repsonded to a now infamous petition for the government to build a Death Star, which clearly isn't a cheap or easy proposition. I mean, even the Empire couldn't get it done right.

ABC eyes new Star Wars series

When Lucasfilm was sold to Disney, for a moment you wondered how many more Star Wars stories were there left to tell.

Guillermo Del Toro says no to Star Wars, tries Mountains of Madness one more time

Guillermo Del Toro is definitely a persistent guy. Last year, his long in the works video game, Insane, got shut down, but now it’s back up and running with a potential 2015 release date.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars celebrates its 100th episode

The Cartoon Network has released a featurette which illustrates how Clone Wars ties into the films.

The future of Star Wars comics under Disney

Now that the acquisition deal between Disney and LucasFilm is official, one can't help but wonder what other side-effects the deal will have on the rather expansive Star Wars universe. 

George Lucas feels like he’s leaving home

George Lucas is concerned about leaving his comfort zone, but excited to move on to new projects.

Building full-sized Millennium Falcons and Enterprises

There are legions of dedicated sci-fi fans who have managed to build their own R2D2 robots, intricate models of spaceships down to the minutest detail and more.

TG's top sci-fi picks

When listing your favorite genre flicks, sci-fi and horror practically go hand in hand.

The Matrix secures its place in film history

The summer of 1999 was a remarkable time for genre films. Everybody was waiting with bated breath for the next Star Wars film, Episode One, but it was another sci-fi epic that really made greater impact: The Matrix.

Star Wars-Disney deal officially closes

We recently ran a report about the so-called Mayan Apocalypse, and how many Star Wars fans flocked to an area of Guatemala where the Yavin 4 rebel base segment was shot.

Star Wars and the Mayan Apocalypse

All this talk about the end of the world is pretty silly indeed, but is there a Star Wars connection? 

The auctions of Star Wars

Star Wars memorabilia auctions have not slowed down, especially in the wake of an official announcement from Lucas and Disney that there will be yet another three films.  

The female pilots of Star Wars VI

It's amazing that after all these years, we're still learning more about the production process of the original Star Wars films.

Original Metropolis poster sells for record amount

As someone who loves movie posters and old school movie art, it was quite exciting to read about a secret stash of posters that was recently discovered and put up for sale.

Building a Death Star with government help

We recently ran a story on TG Daily about the cost of building a real Death Star.

Samuel L. Jackson wants in on the new Star Wars

Samuel L. Jackson became a major star after his stellar performance in Pulp Fiction, and while he’s great at gritty  roles, his inner geek is also very strong.

The incredible Star Wars toy auction

How many of you wish you still had your Star Wars action figures? How many of you wish you had bought two of each back in the day?

Hilarious Star Wars parody takes on The Force (and Disney)

The next Star Wars film is three years away, yet there is already a new parody of Disney's take on the Lucas space opera.

From the Star Wars cantina to Men in Black

“So much of the stuff I did in the first Star Wars was very quickly done... Nobody knew that Star Wars was going to be Star Wars.”