JJ Abrams Officially Stepping Down From Star Trek Director's Chair

Until cloning is perfected, directors will only be able to helm one film at a time. This is too bad for JJ Abrams, because even though he’s got three thousand productions in development, he’s now going to have to step down from directing Star Trek 3 because he’ll be too busy helming Star Wars. 

In Praise of Dolby Stereo

Where would we be without Dolby Stereo? Sound has certainly come a long way since then, but when Dolby came along, it was a huge step forward for movies. Try to imagine any amazing blockbuster you loved growing up without it. 

Will Benedict Cumberbatch Go From Khan to Star Wars?

Another day, another Star Wars rumor, and this one is interesting, because if there’s any truth to it, it would mean that another member of Team JJ Abrams could be crossing over to a whole new sci-fi universe. 

The Cinematographer of Star Wars Has Passed

For those who love film, it was great news to learn that the next Star Wars flick will be shot on 35mm. In today’s digital age, celluloid is only available to the biggest directors in the biz, like JJ Abrams and Christopher Nolan, and it’s good to see Abrams using his power for cinematic good.

The Next Star Wars Movie Will Be Shot on Film

Film has been officially over and done with for a while now, and for cinema fans everywhere, this is really a damn shame. There have been tremendous strides being made with digital, and it looks fine in most movies, but to many cinema fans it will never be as good as celluloid. 

Will We Have Star Wars For Xmas?

No, this story is not about Star Wars Holiday Special, that came out in November anyways. There’s now another rumor going around about Star Wars, probably the second or third that’s gotten around this hour, that the next movie in the series may defy tradition and come out for Christmas 2015.

Jurassic Park 4 Update

It took a long time to get it up and running, but a fourth Jurassic Park finally did get announced, and it was supposed to start shooting this year on June 24. Except the production hit some snags…

The Timeless Magic of Star Wars Toys

Okay, raise your hands, how many of you out there remember when the Star Wars toys were finally available everywhere, and you bought as many as you could get your hands on? (Or we should say, as many as your long suffering parents could afford.) How many of you remember that the demand for Star Wars toys was so intense, it took forever for them to be manufactured, and you had to order them in advance because Kenner couldn’t keep up with the demand?

Star Wars Will Officially Have a Summer 2015 Release (Duh)

In what has to be the big non-news story of the day, it has been officially announced that the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Wars will be coming out in the summer of 2015. This is certainly no big news flash, and it was Star Wars that helped create the whole summer blockbuster climate back in the ‘70’s along with Jaws.

The Original Vision of Star Wars Coming This Fall

One of the reasons it was so hard to get Star Wars made was it made no sense on paper. Star Wars is such a visual story, it was hard to get it to work in screenplay form, which is why many involved in the film really didn’t know what they had until they saw the finished product.

Harrison Ford to Go From Enders Game to the Expendables

The Expendables is pretty much the Love Boat for action stars: A place where the washed up can still get a gig. And yes, Harrison Ford may be past his glory days, but we are genuinely surprised to learn he’s coming aboard the Sly Stallone franchise, replacing Bruce Willis. 

Avatar Will Have Three Sequels

It’s been rumored for some time, and now it’s official: Avatar will be four movies. These films will probably end up costing about a bazillion dollars total, but it has now been announced that there will be four movies total in what could end up being the sci-fi franchise to rival Star Wars.

Next Star Wars May Not Totally Rely on CGI

So many of us are sick and tired of CGI and the fact that it’s replaced many practical effects. Bad CGI can look too rubbery and cartoony, where back in the old days you had to work very hard to create something with practical effects, and really earn your victory fooling an audience.

John Williams Will Return to Star Wars

To the surprise of pretty much no one, John Williams is returning to compose the music for the next Star Wars film. There was of course some initial speculation as to whether he would come back, or whether JJ Abrams would enlist his regular composer, Michael Giacchino, but it’s hard to imagine Star Wars without Williams’s music. 

Star Wars and Interstellar Casting News

Besides the second coming of Star Wars, there’s another major geek event on the horizon: Interstellar. I know, it’s not a remake of another movie, video game or TV show, but it is the next movie Christopher Nolan is making post-Batman, and we’re dying to see what he’ll come up with next. 

Star Wars City Threatened By Sand Storms

When you see headlines about Darth Vader becoming homeless, it’s obviously a goof. Yet there is indeed a problem hitting the Tunisian desert where Star Wars was shot, and it may end up wiping out the Mos Espa set from Episode One.

Despite Comic Con Rumors, JJ Abrams Is Still Helming Star Wars

We try not to pay attention to rumors here at TG, there’s a lot of them out there, and they’re usually nonsense. But in the age of the internet, it is indeed amazing how fast a rumor can get out there and be assumed as fact.

New Technology Can Make Storyboards For Your Screenplays

For years I’ve contributed for several screenwriting publications, and I’ve often been concerned about Hollywood being more concerned about the software the script was written with, instead of whether the script itself is actually any good or not. But, it's not all bad.  

Guillermo Del Toro's Robot Love

Okay, so Pacific Rim didn’t do well this weekend, which is really tragic, but maybe word of mouth will carry it into DVD / BluRay later this year. It’s too bad to see something that’s clearly a major geek event being beaten at the box office by the latest Adam Sandler movie, but maybe Pacific Rim will have a second life with fans somewhere down the road. 

This infographic is a must for Geek Pride Day

The 25th of May is probably one of my favorite days of the year. Why, you ask? Well, it's Towel Day (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), as well as the anniversary of the first Star Wars Film, Episode IV: A New Hope (ANH) which hit theaters way back in 1977. And let us not forget the Glorious 25th of May for fans of Terry Pratchett's wildly popular Discworld.