Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi slated for 2012

Dark Horse Comics has confirmed that a Star Wars prequel comicbook - depicting the ancient, unexplored past of a galaxy far, far away - will be hitting store shelves next year.

George Lucas puts his money where his mouth is

Whatever you think about George Lucas and his movies - good, bad or indifferent -  he’s definitely in an enviable position.

New genre television shows holding steady so far

Is a golden age of sci-fi upon us?

Lucas resurrects Darth Maul

Apparently, no one ever really dies in science-fiction stories.

Geeks just can't get enough Blu-ray

It seems as if hardcore sci-fi geeks just can't get enough of their favorite films on Blu-ray.

The masters of hand drawn poster art

I've loved hand drawn poster art ever since I was a kid, and in the days of computer graphic design, you just don't see movie posters like the '77 Star Wars and Jaws anymore.

This Star Wars model has 30,000 Lego pieces

A Florida teacher has built a model of the (second) Death Star landing bay out of 30,000 Lego pieces.

A look at The Black Hole reboot

It's really quite difficult to keep track of all the Hollywood remakes that keep on piling up.

The Old Republic goes live on December 20

The long-awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO will go live on December 20, 2011 in North America. 

Star Wars Blu-ray shatters the geek Force

Maybe the Force isn't so strong with the geeks after all.

Is Star Wars derivative of Star Trek?

William Shatner - aka Captain James T. Kirk - has weighed in (quite heavily) on why Star Trek is actually better than Star Wars.

NASA discovers an alternate Tatooine

NASA’s Kepler telescope has discovered the existence of a world with a double sunset - as famously depicted in Star Wars more than 30 years ago.

List of changes to Star Wars: The Complete Saga

An early glimpse at the official Blu-ray edition of Star Wars: The Complete Saga provides a more comprehensive look at the changes implemented by George Lucas.

Star Wars Blu-ray change confirmed

For the last week we’ve been reporting on some possible changes that have been made to the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray release. Now we can confirm at least one is true.

The sci-fi blockbuster that wasn’t

A lot of people probably don’t realize it, but back in the day science fiction wasn’t the big genre it is today.

More rumored changes to the Star Wars Blu-ray edition

Are these changes really on the discs, or is each of them just a hoax?

Rumor: Yoda puppet given the boot in new Star Wars Blu-Ray

Star Wars: The Complete Saga is coming to Blu-ray next month, and fans have been wondering what digital improvement (or sacrileges) the boxed set will include.

The quaint lost art of writing longhand

Writer's block, especially when you're trying to make a living as a writer, can be terrifying. 

It's like being a porn star and, well, you know. 

George Lucas finally has a new story to tell

After the mega-phenomenon of Star Wars, George Lucas has often complained about being imprisoned by the series.

How Star Wars opened up the geek world

It's always exciting when a movie seemingly comes out of nowhere and becomes a phenomenon, which is pretty much what happened with Star Wars.