On the generations of Star Trek

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane wants to bring Star Trek back to television for a new generation of young fans and older Trekkies who fondly remember the original series, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise.

Star Trek: TNG coming to Blu-ray

So, you may not agree with me that The Next Generation is the best of Trek, but it’s still a pretty big deal that CBS has decided to release the series, not just on Blu-ray, but remastered to today’s standards.

A TV full of Abrams

NBC will be running a new pilot from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and popular writer/producer JJ Abrams.

Avatar is coming to Disney World

It's obviously a no brainer idea, but the news just hit that Avatar theme park rides are currently in development and will be coming to Disney World. 

Is Star Wars derivative of Star Trek?

William Shatner - aka Captain James T. Kirk - has weighed in (quite heavily) on why Star Trek is actually better than Star Wars.

'Star-Trek' sick bay detects diseases

British engineers have built a £1 million Star Trek-style 'sick bay' for the National Health Service, debuting at the Leicester Royal Infirmary's accident and emergency department.

Yes, Leonard Nimoy is retiring

At 80 years old, the wildly popular veteran of science-fiction film and television has decided to call it a career.

Loving the Star Trek lens flare

Star Trek lens flares have been a running joke for a while now, to the point where they even did Lens Flare the Movie, facetiously directed by JJ Abrams, on Funny or Die.

J.J. Abrams teases Star Trek 2 details

MTV has released a short video of an impromptu interview with J.J. Abrams regarding the upcoming Star Trek film.

Yes, the new Star Trek is still on track

It’s been a hell of a summer for JJ Abrams and company with the success of Super 8 and Cowboys & Aliens, which was co-written by frequent Abrams  collaborators Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

On Comic-Con and geek conventions

Although some of the geekiness can be a little too much to bear at these things, I absolutely love conventions like Comic-Con. 

IDW to create crossover between Star Trek and DC universes

IDW has announced a Star Trek / Legion of Superheroes crossover at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, California.

The triumvirate of Prime Directive

Bryan Dietrich’s long-form poem referencing Star Trek's "Prime Directive" is an aboslute necessity for the book shelf of every geek.

New Star Trek comic book will be based on the Abrams canon

J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek changed the face of the storied franchise forever.

Star Trek 2 delayed, replaced with G.I. Joe

The sequel to the hit 2009 film "Star Trek" is still coming, but not as soon as originally announced.

Kirk and Spock team up for new Star Trek game

James Tiberius Kirk and the indomitable Spock will be teaming up for a new game that continues the (2009) Star Trek adventure envisioned by J.J. Abrams.

Yes, there is some movement on Star Trek 2

A message board post from one of the Star Trek writers points to the progress of the sequel’s development.

Android’s Dream: Data

When treated as protagonists, androids fill a tale with themes of the roles and definitions of humanity. Thus, this series is taking a close look at these artificial people. Today we’re looking at Data.

Samsung says its next-gen smartphone is like a PC

Samsung claims its next-gen smartphones will boast performance levels comparable to (mid-range) PCs.

Oh Captain: Jonathan Archer

Ship’s captains have been an important part of genre fiction for a long time. Thusly, in our first genre feature series, we’re looking at ship’s captains. Today’s captain is Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise.