Keeping your favorite genre show alive

Keeping a genre TV series on the air these days isn't exactly easy.

No, Quinto isn't walking away from Spock

Could the actor be thinking of leaving the wildly popular franchise role behind?

William Shatner gets an iOS app

Believe it or not, there is now a William Shatner app for your iPhone that delivers classic Shatnerisms.

Star Trek actors want your help making new films

A pair of projects, both being run independently by Star Trek cast alum, are seeking fan funding.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek - the ultimate galactic battle

Remember those endless newsgroup threads about the two most famous competing sci-fi universes: Star Wars vs. Star Trek?  

JJ Abrams and the ski lift to death

As a little kid, I watched a lot of cheesy TV, and especially back in the '70s and '80s there were tons of silly TV movies that are hilarious to watch today. 

Now Worf wants his own romantic comedy

Michael Dorn is probably best known for playing the role of Lieutenant Commander Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG).

The directions of The Assumption

Bryan Dietrich’s The Assumption is far from a typical book of poems, but we were already congnizant of this from reading previous works such as the phenomenal Prime Directive.

Team Abrams screenwriters rebooting Sleepy Hollow

Once again, we’ve got two competing projects in Hollywood, and oddly enough, they’re both competing Sleepy Hollows for television.

Engage! TNG is ready for Blu-ray

Star Trek really has quite a remarkable family tree. Since the series began in 1966, it's grown in many incredible directions - both on the big and small screen.

When Star Trek was reborn

As regular TG readers know, we're big fans of writer/director Nicholas Meyer.

Star Trek: TNG clinches new comics line

IDW has confirmed that Star Trek: The Next Generation will be getting it’s own line in honor of the 25th anniversary of the famed sci-fi series.

Warehouse 13 will return with Spiner

Warehouse 13 showrunner Jack Kenny has confirmed that Brent Spiner will be joining the cast of the popular detective fantasy serial.

Lindelof eyes Prometheus sequel

So the reviews are in on Prometheus, and there is pretty much a consensus that the human aspects of the film are somewhat lacking. Visually, however, the film is an undisputed knockout.

Rebooted Star Trek game gets detailed

It certainly hasn’t been easy for JJ Abrams to keep Star Trek 2 under wraps and away from prying geek eyes - as ST2 is clearly one of the most anticipated genre films of 2013. 

Star Trek: TNG coming to theaters

CBS Home Entertainment and Fathom Events have confirmed they will be bringing Star Trek: The Next Generation to movie theaters for a one-night event.

The magic of Time After Time

Trekkies everywhere owe a big debt to Nicholas Meyer.

Dorn wants to star in a new Star Trek film

Michael Dorn, the actor who played Worf on The Next Generation, has been keeping himself busy by pitching a new Star Trek film.

The Dark Knight-Star Trek guessing game

Hollywood can be quite fanatic about trying to hide the secrets of big, upcoming blockbusters.

Ven Helsing reboot penned by Team Abrams

The screenwriters from Team Abrams have been doing very well for themselves these days.