Star Trek the Video Game: Improving the Gorn

Even if you’re a Trekkie, you have to admit the Gorn was a pretty silly monster. You know, the funny battle Captain Kirk had with the lizard in the loincloth.

Mummy Vs Mummy

We’ve seen it a number of times in Hollywood. Two movies with the same subject going head to head with each other. Two asteroid flicks in 1998 with Armageddon and Deep Impact.

Video: Star Trek game neck-pinches a Gorn

Star Trek the Game tells an original story which takes place between Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

More Khan-fusion with Star Trek Into Darkness

Didn’t we straighten all this out already with the Star Trek villain? 

Star Trek Into Darkness and Evil Dead release dates moved up

When a movie is in serious trouble, its release date often gets pushed back. However, when a film's release date is moved up, it can mean several things.

Star Trek into Darkness featurette flies at the camera

I’m personally looking forward to Star Trek into Darkness, despite the criticism over lens flares and altered character profiles.

The Star Trek Into Darkness app

As we anxiously await the next Star Trek film, there’s a few things we can do to keep ourselves occupied before May 17.

Will JJ Abrams keep on Trekkin'?

So everyone on planet earth and beyond knows JJ Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars movie, but now there is a big elephant in the room. Will he be back for more Star Trek movies?

Star Trek’s new Klingons spotted in deleted scene

When it was decided during post production that the prison escape scene near the beginning of 2009’s Star Trek film didn’t need to be in the final cut, we lost the opportunity to see J. J. Abrams’ redesigned Klingons.

JJ Abrams to direct new Star Wars film

When the news broke that the next Star Wars film finally had a director, I thought it was April Fools Day joke for a moment, because the director in question had already publically claimed he turned it down.

Star Trek Into Darkness villain speaks softly

A long time ago, someone told me that there are two kinds of people to be afraid of in life.

Make Star Trek in 3D - or else

For 3D haters out there, here’s more fuel for your fire. We recently reported that Guillermo Del Toro had to make a 3D conversion for his next movie, Pacific Rim.

The top secret world of JJ Abrams

Anybody who knows anything about JJ Abrams understand that everything he does is always top secret.

The most anticipated genre films of 2013

We had a great year of genre films in 2012, but there are quite a number of movies we're anticipating in ‘13 as well. 

A Star Trek wish comes true

You may have read our recent story about a terminally ill Star Trek fan who wanted to see Star Trek Into Darkness before he passes away.

Making a Star Trek fan's wish come true

Hollywood is exactly a bastion of ethics or morality, and it’s not the kind of place that usually restores your faith in humanity.

The light of Star Trek Into Darkness

Although JJ Abrams likes to keep things tightly under wraps, he has lifted the curtain, albeit slightly, on Star Trek Into Darkness.

The secret agenda of Star Trek Into Darkness

With the new year just around the corner, it means that one of the most anticipated genre films in recent memory, Star Trek Into Darkness, is nearly upon us.

Star Trek: The Video Game gets detailed

Along with the next Star Trek flick, which hits theaters on May 17, 2013, there will be a video game to coincide with the film.

Pine and Cumberbatch talk Star Trek into Darkness

On love and terrorism in space.