Chris Pine: From Captain Kirk to Jack Ryan

Chris Pine was in an unenviable position when he took on Captain Kirk. On one hand, it’s an major coup for any actor, but you’d run the risk of being stereotyped, as well as the withering heat from the geeks if you don’t deliver.

Star Trek 3 Still Looking For a Director

Okay, so JJ Abrams is now going to be ruler of the Star Wars universe, and Paramount wants to keep the Star Trek franchise going with or without him. There’s been much speculation as to who could take over the Enterprise, in fact, there’s still much speculation because Paramount couldn’t get the director they wanted. 

JJ Abrams Regrets Keeping Khan a Secret

We all know that JJ Abrams is the king of secrecy. He wants his audiences to have the purest possible experience before going in to a movie. But he has just admitted there’s one secret he shouldn’t have kept, and that’s the villain’s identity in Star Trek Into Darkness. 

JJ Abrams Says No New Star Trek Series?

Recently a rumor hit the web that there may be another Star Trek series in the works, and why not? There have been many incarnations of Star Trek on the big and small screen, and considering Trekkies can’t get enough, a new series could totally go like gangbusters.

Paramount Wants to Make a Cheaper Star Trek

History often repeats itself, especially in Hollywood. Back in the late seventies, Star Trek: The Motion Picture actually became the most expensive movie of its time, costing a whopping $46 million. The film did well, but with Star Trek II, Paramount cut a lot of corners and delivered the cheapest film in the franchise. Not only did it come in at the rock bottom price of $11.2 million, it also made a ton of dough at the box office, and is still the best movie in the series

Star Trek 3 May Already Have a Director

We just reported on TGD that JJ Abrams will have a hell of a time trying to finish the next Star Wars movie because Disney is insistent on a summer 2015 release date. Such insane scheduling comes with the territory. Usually Hollywood comes up with the release date, next comes when the toys are supposed to hit the stores, and the movie can often be an afterthought.

Will Star Trek Head Back to TV?

As we all know, when Star Trek was first on TV from 1966 to 1968, it had a tough time staying on the air. There was even a protest to keep it on the air. But of course the cult of Trek has gone on and on since its initial run, and it should continue to go on for God knows how long. 

World War Z is #1 in Home Entertainment This Week

It’s funny that World War Z was coming right on the heels of Star Trek Into Darkness this summer, because they’re also neck and neck in home entertainment. Last week Trek was #1, and now the zombies have climbed to the top of the heap. 

JJ Abrams May Start Lens Flare Anonymous

Even if you know nothing about camera work, you probably know what lens flare is, especially if you’re a Star Trek fan. Essentially it’s the light bouncing off the lens, and there’s nobody who’s used it more than JJ Abrams, to the point where there was even a parody on YouTube called Lens Flare the Movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness is #1 in Home Entertainment, Despite the Haters

We at TGD have followed the development of Star Trek Into Darkness for several years, from the movie finally getting the green light, to the release date and beyond. We’ve seen a lot of Trek haters out there, and we’ve seen the public quickly turn on a lot of movies, but that didn’t stop Into Darkness from topping the home entertainment charts at #1.

JJ Abrams Officially Stepping Down From Star Trek Director's Chair

Until cloning is perfected, directors will only be able to helm one film at a time. This is too bad for JJ Abrams, because even though he’s got three thousand productions in development, he’s now going to have to step down from directing Star Trek 3 because he’ll be too busy helming Star Wars. 

Star Trek Into Darkness Takes on the Haters

Everybody’s a critic, especially in the age of the internet. Once we finally got another Star Trek flick, Star Trek Into Darkness, the opinions were many, and very divided. A lot of fans found it disappointing, and the current Trek crew aren’t taking it lightly.  

Will Benedict Cumberbatch Go From Khan to Star Wars?

Another day, another Star Wars rumor, and this one is interesting, because if there’s any truth to it, it would mean that another member of Team JJ Abrams could be crossing over to a whole new sci-fi universe. 

Original Star Trek Screenwriters to Return For a Third Trek

Here on TGD we call the screenwriting team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman part of Team Abrams. They’ve been writing for JJ since Alias, and have also written the scripts for Transformers, Mission Impossible 3, Cowboys and Aliens, and many more. In short, they’re two of the hottest genre writers in Hollywood right now. 

On JJ Abrams Reviving Rod Serling's Last Screenplay

We didn’t have the term “show runner” back in the day, but Rod Serling was absolutely one of the first. The Twilight Zone was his baby, and everybody knew he wasn’t just the host, but the key creative force behind it. News is, via the Hollywood Reporter, that JJ Abrams will be adapting Serling’s last screenplay: The Stops Along the Way.

Could there be a sequel to Dredd one day?

It’s taken a long time for a legitimate Judge Dredd movie to come along, and we finally got one with Dredd last year.

Star Trek Into Darkness on track for a huge weekend

While we’re not exactly that thrilled about how a movie’s box office performance has become a big horse race with the public, it’s often fun to track how a movie does when it finally hits the theaters.

Remembering Lost

Right now, screenwriter Damon Lindelof is getting a lot of attention, and it’s good to see writers front and center in the media, because many times they’re toiling away anonymously.

Turning the World War Z buzz around

This summer, there are two movies that have a lot on the line: The Lone Ranger, and World War Z. A Wall Street analyst even predicted they could end up being the biggest flops of this moviegoing season, if not the year.

On the eve of Star Trek Into Darkness, JJ Abrams tells all

It’s taken four years to finally get to this point, but Star Trek Into Darkness is several days away from hitting theaters, and the reviews are pretty positive overall.