Star Trek 2 finally has a title

We all know secrecy is a given with Hollywood genre veteran JJ Abrams. 

The threat of Star Trek 2

"The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening...  I'd say the threat is even greater in this one [and] the arc is huge for all the characters."

Benedict Cumberbatch talks Star Trek 2

There's still no official word on who the villain in JJ Abrams's Star Trek 2 is, although it's been great fun to track all the frantic speculation over recent months. 

Star Trek 2 villain is still an enigma

The villain in JJ Abrams's Star Trek 2 may have been revealed by Karl Urban (aka Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy), who also plays Judge Dredd.

Is Gary Mitchell the new Star Trek 2 villain?

We may finally know who the Star Trek 2 villain is. And no, it isn't Khan...

From Star Trek 2 to Transformers

Screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are part of what we call Team Abrams here at TG, because they've been writing for JJ since Alias.

Chris Pine talks Star Trek 2

Chris Pine has successfully assumed the role of Captain Kirk, taking over from the rather affable William Shatner.

Enigmatic Star Trek 2 villain remains a mystery 

No, we still don't know who the Star Trek 2 villain is. 

But with the JJ Abrams film slated to hit theaters in less then a year, it seems almost inevitable that a potential leak could be sprung at almost any point.

IMAX: From Dark Knight to Star Trek 2

IMAX was given a big boost when Chris Nolan used the format in the original Dark Knight alongside regular 35mm footage.

Damon Lindelof talks Star Trek 2

Star Trek 2 has apparently wrapped, so JJ Abrams won’t have to worry about setting up a Berlin Wall to keep spies and paparazzi away from taking pictures. 

A look back at The Day After

The Day After was a 1983 TV movie about nuclear war. Other than the final episode of M*A*S*H*, it may still be the biggest TV event of all time, with reportedly a hundred million people tuning in to see it.

Is Leonard Nimoy back as Spock Prime?

Oh, those pesky rumors that keep circulating about Star Trek 2. Yes, JJ Abrams is trying to keep his shoot top secret, which obviously isn’t easy in this day and age. 

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of JJ Abrams

It’s getting to the point where Hollywood studios will do practically anything to prevent leaks from a movie set.

Abrams unhappy with Star Trek villain leak

Just a few days ago, a number of Star Trek 2 images were leaked, including the one below, which depicts Zachary Quinto as Spock and Benedict Cumberbatch in an undisclosed role.

JJ Abrams clinches new sci-fi show

It seems like every time I turn around JJ Abrams has a new project set up. 

Alcatraz breaks out strong

It's been a good year for JJ Abrams so far. The filming of Star Trek 2 is already underway, and Alcatraz has debuted to positive ratings and reviews.

Star Trek 2 filming has begun

It took time to get the script and all the particulars together, but now it is indeed official: filming for Star Trek 2 has begun.

JJ Abrams is back on TV with Alcatraz

When does this guy sleep? Not only is JJ Abrams beginning principal photography on Star Trek 2 on  January 15, his next TV series, Alcatraz, will soon premiere on January 16 on Fox.

No alumni in Star Trek 2

While we still don't know who the Star Trek 2 villain is, reports are now surfacing that there won't be any original Star Trek alumni in the film. 

When Nicholas Meyer saved Star Trek

With JJ Abrams's Star Trek 2 getting ready to roll this January, it certainly has a lot to live up to. 

The first Abrams Trek reinvented the franchise, and the second film is going to have to be as good, if not better, than the first.