Classic Harlan Ellison Star Trek Episode to Become a Graphic Novel

Yes, Harlan Ellison’s a crusty, angry old man, but he’s a brilliant writer, and that can’t be disputed either. Now 79, he not only did a hilarious guest spot on The Simpsons, but his work has also been adapted into several graphic novels, which Ellison has embraced whole heartedly.

Star Trek Theme Park Opening in 2015

At this point, we should all be surprised there hasn’t been a Star Trek theme park yet. A Star Wars theme park in Disneyland is certainly understandable, same thing with the Avatar land, which will be opening at Disney in 2017, yet somehow we haven’t had a land of Trek until now.

Leonard Nimoy Urges Fans to Stop Smoking

There’s been a big anti-smoking movement in America for years, to the point where people have even criticized characters smoking in movies. While we think that things like that are going a little too far, we’re all for people speaking out against what can be a very deadly habit in the long run. 

Zachary Quinto to Star in Agent 47

It’s not easy to step into the shoes of an original Star Trek member, but Zachary Quinto has done a great job as the new model Spock, and now he’s up to star in a big screen video game adaptation, Agent 47.

Will a Legendary Star Trek Device Soon Become a Reality?

Trekkies everywhere are familiar with what’s called the tricorder, which could diagnose what was wrong with you as easily as scanning your groceries at the market. A lot of things we’ve seen in sci-fi movies and TV could become a reality some day, so is a real life tricorder on its way?

JJ Abrams Regrets Keeping Khan a Secret

We all know that JJ Abrams is the king of secrecy. He wants his audiences to have the purest possible experience before going in to a movie. But he has just admitted there’s one secret he shouldn’t have kept, and that’s the villain’s identity in Star Trek Into Darkness. 

JJ Abrams Says No New Star Trek Series?

Recently a rumor hit the web that there may be another Star Trek series in the works, and why not? There have been many incarnations of Star Trek on the big and small screen, and considering Trekkies can’t get enough, a new series could totally go like gangbusters.

Paramount Wants to Make a Cheaper Star Trek

History often repeats itself, especially in Hollywood. Back in the late seventies, Star Trek: The Motion Picture actually became the most expensive movie of its time, costing a whopping $46 million. The film did well, but with Star Trek II, Paramount cut a lot of corners and delivered the cheapest film in the franchise. Not only did it come in at the rock bottom price of $11.2 million, it also made a ton of dough at the box office, and is still the best movie in the series

Haunting Sleepy Hollow

The Fox show Sleepy Hollow has gotten off to a strong start in the ratings, and it’s great to see horror back with a vengeance on TV. Not only does the show have the writing powerhouse of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers), but it also stars Orlando Jones, who I loved on Mad TV.

William Shatner Forgives JJ Abrams

William Shatner has earned the right to say whatever he wants. The man was the original Captain Kirk, and he’s still going strong at 82. Now he wants to kiss and make up with JJ Abrams after allegedly saying some caustic comments about the new model Star Trek.

Star Trek Screenwriter Roberto Orci May Help Bring Trek Back to TV

In a recent interview, Roberto Orci, one of the screenwriters of the 2009 Star Trek, as well as Star Trek Into Darkness, had said it was inevitable that Star Trek would one day come back to television. Apparently he knew more than he was telling, because there’s now reports he’s indeed working on a Trek series.  

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Gets the Green Light

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released on May 2, 2014, but there’s already plans for the third installment of the new model Spidey, along with the same writing team that created the second installment. 

Will Star Trek Head Back to TV?

As we all know, when Star Trek was first on TV from 1966 to 1968, it had a tough time staying on the air. There was even a protest to keep it on the air. But of course the cult of Trek has gone on and on since its initial run, and it should continue to go on for God knows how long. 

The Next Star Wars Movie Will Be Shot on Film

Film has been officially over and done with for a while now, and for cinema fans everywhere, this is really a damn shame. There have been tremendous strides being made with digital, and it looks fine in most movies, but to many cinema fans it will never be as good as celluloid. 

Ultimate Star Trek gadget: scanner copies and creates almost any item using a 3D printer

A British has inventor has unveiled the ultimate Star Trek gadget - a £650 (approximately $1,000) handheld scanner that could be used to copy almost any item.The Fuel3D scanner, originally developed at Oxford University, can capture everything from a flower’s petals to the contours of human skin.The Fuel3D ...

Honoring William Shatner

We at TGD love Bill Shatner. Whether he’s hilariously interpreting a song like Rocket Man, leading the Enterprise, fighting the Gorn, performing spoken word on Broadway, or battling an army of tarantulas in the ‘70’s B movie classic Kingdom of the Spiders, it’s amazing that Bill’s still around at 82 and he's showing no signs of slowing down. 

Chicks Dig Videogames (Cool)

It used to be if you liked geek stuff, you didn’t have much of a shot at meeting women with similar interests. Back in the day, chicks just didn’t dig stuff like video games, Lord of the Rings, horror movies, Transformers, etc. We geeks just knew this was the way it was, and we weren’t going to give up our love of Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons to conform and fit in (and hopefully get a date). 

Despite Comic Con Rumors, JJ Abrams Is Still Helming Star Wars

We try not to pay attention to rumors here at TG, there’s a lot of them out there, and they’re usually nonsense. But in the age of the internet, it is indeed amazing how fast a rumor can get out there and be assumed as fact.

Blocking Guns From Your 3D Printer

JJ Abrams, who we all know as the current mastermind behind Star Trek and Lost, recently mentioned to Howard Stern that he has a 3D printer in his office, and considering you can practically make anything short of a real human being with a 3D printer, it seems like it would be really cool to have one.

Warp drive becomes a computer reality

A team of scientists has managed to create a protocol which can carry out 7.8 million MPI tasks on 1,966,080 cores of the Sequoia Blue Gene/Q supercomputer system.