The Simpsons Gets LEGO'ed, and Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison Guest Star

As long as the Simpsons have been around, it’s funny to think they haven’t gotten the LEGO treatment until now. And once you see the finished result, it’s clear the Simpsons were always a natural to be LEGO-ed.

Stan Lee Launches the Might 7, Gets Cameo on SHIELD

We just reported that late last year, Stan Lee hit the big 9-1, and it’s remarkable that he’s still here, and just as spirited as ever. He’s also been busier than ever, with a brand new TV show, Mighty 7, and an upcoming cameo on SHIELD. 

Stan Lee Is Now 91 Years Old

Stan Lee hit the big 91 on December 28, and it’s great to see one of the greatest representatives of comics and superheroes is still with us. We can also imagine that Stan the Man must really be relishing the fact that comic books and superheroes have never been hotter. 

Marvel Brings Us the First Muslim Superhero

We just wrote on TGD about how Stan Lee is bringing the first Indian superhero, Chakra, to the world, and apparently he’s not the only comics king creating a Middle Eastern character. There’s now a female character being dubbed as a “Muslim Girl from Jersey” named Kamala Khan.

Stan Lee Brings Us, Chakra, the First Indian Superhero

Some time back on TGD, we wrote about diversity in comic books, especially considering The Falcon, an African-American superhero, will be in the next Captain America film. We at TGD are all for diversity in superheroes, and we welcome the news that Stan Lee has announced the world’s first Indian superhero, Chakra: The Invincible.

Stan Lee is back with Annihilator

Even though Stan Lee just turned 90, I wish I had half the guy’s energy. It’s truly amazing how busy the guy’s been these days, and it’s great that he’s not slowing down.

Report: Spider-Man's demise sparks death threats

We just reported on the shocking new development that Peter Parker is finally going to die in the 700th issue of Spider-Man.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas for Stan Lee

At an age where most people are ready to just let the clock run out, Stan Lee’s got a pretty full schedule of appearances, video games, new comics in the works, cameos in Marvel films, and much, much more.

Comics master Stan Lee takes on mobile gaming

Stan "The Man" Lee is quite a remarkable personality - as well as an old time comics master at the ripe old age of 90.  

The Amazing Spider-Man clip shatters the backboard

Columbia Pictures has released a new clip from its upcoming super hero adventure, The Amazing Spider-Man.

The return of the X-Men

The original X-Men movie was a big turning point for comic movies, as the major studios finally began taking the medium seriously. 

Stan Lee reinterprets Romeo & Juliet

Comic book icon Stan Lee is offering a futuristic interpretation of William Shakespeare's timeless Romeo & Juliet.

With Great Power trailer hits the 'Net

88-year-old Stan Lee is a living legend of the comics industry.

On the wheels and heels of Soldier Zero

Stan Lee’s name does not save this sub-par superhero comic.

The secret to Stan Lee's success

With the recent box office success of Thor, its is clear that Stan Lee's comics and movies are still going strong. 

Apple vs. Gizmodo: Was the 1984 ad a prediction of the Apple to come?

There are times I admire Apple and there are times when I wonder if the folks there have lost their collective minds.

Marvell Imagines the 10 Gigabit Digital Home and I Meet Stan Lee

I flew down to Hollywood last Tuesday to attend the Marvell AVANTA launch.