Cyber-harassment 'worse than harassment in person'

Being cyberstalked is more stressful and traumatic than being stalked in person, a new study has found.

Tech stalkers target college campuses

Finally, someone in the government has realized what ex-girlfriends have known for years - technology makes stalking easier. We’ve all done it, incessantly stalked our ex’s Facebook page, or maybe checking a particular someone’s Twitter feed over and over again.

Stalking website vows to launch next week

A new celebrity-stalking website that tracks its victims in real time is launching next week, despite having been repudiated by Twitter.

Google fires engineer for stalking teens

Google's confirmed that it's fired an engineer for privacy violations.

Google still has hopes for facial recognition

Google is reportedly discussing how it can get away with introducing facial recognition technology in the light of increasing criticism over its privacy policies.