Steve Jobs tried to bully Palm into no-poaching deal

Steve Jobs threatened Palm with patent litigation if it didn't agree to stop hiring Apple employees, a court filing alleges.

McDonalds staff accused of assaulting 'human cyborg'

Steve Mann - the 'human cyborg' with a permanent wearable computer similar to Google Glasses - claims he was assaulted by McDonalds staff in one of its Paris 'restaurants'.

'No-poaching' lawsuit can go ahead

Apple, Google and Intel are among seven technology companies to face an antitrust lawsuit over allegations that they conspired not to poach one another's staff.

Yammer offers bonuses to defecting Yahoo staff

There may not be a great deal of work being done at Yahoo's Sunnyvale headquarters today, as staff frantically update their resumes.

Twitter buys Posterous, but hints at closure

Twitter is buying blogging company Posterous, in a deal that seems targeted at the company's engineers, rather than its product, and could see Posterous Spaces closed down.

The accidental Facebook millionaires

A lucky graffiti artist is set to become a millionaire when Facebook goes public this spring.

Watch staff to prevent more leaks, says White House

In the wake of the Wikileaks scandal, the White House is telling agencies to launch programs to ferret out disgruntled staffers who might be tempted to follow Bradley Manning's lead. And it's got some pretty broad criteria.

Google gives holiday bonus to all its staff

Google's giving a ten percent raise to every one of its 23,000 employees, along with a $1,000 bonus.

DoD and Homeland Security to swap cybersecurity staff

The DoD's National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have announced that they plan to share information and work jointly on cyber security.

Tech firms near deal with DoJ over staff poaching

With the Justice Department investigating the affair, some of the US' largest tech companies are said to be close to settling allegations that they conspired to keep wages artificially low.