Tomb Raider Reboot is a Success

Last year, Tomb Raider got rebooted with a whole new hi-def look, and there was a question as to whether today’s gamers would cotton to an older franchise. Well, apparently they have, because the game has sold six million copies.   

Sequel to the New Model Tomb Raider in the Works

If a movie can get rebooted, why not a video game, right? That’s what they did with Tomb Raider, which could have been in danger of being forgotten in today’s video game age, but the new model Lara Croft got very high marks from players and reviewers. And being that games can have even more sequels than a movie franchise, another Tomb Raider game is indeed in the works.

Thousands of game devs code for Ouya

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has confirmed that over 8,000 game devs are coding titles for the $99 Android-powered console, including Square Enix, Double Fine Productions, Tripwire Interactive, Vlambeer, Phil Fish's Polytron Corporation, and Kim Swift's Airtight Games.

Tomb Raider comic fates the shipwreck

The new Tomb Raider, from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, is a reboot of the classic gaming franchise.

Square Enix’s new FInal Fantasy game is an ATB poke-fest

The RPG developer ninja-released its latest iOS game.

Final Fantasy XIV PS3 screenshots emerge

The PS3 version of the new Final Fantasy XIV game will launch day-and-date with the PC version, and here's what it will look like.

Lightning Returns is Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix has confirmed that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will go live in 2013.

Square Enix wants console quality games on web browsers

It  seems as if cross-platform browser-based gaming has really picked up over the last few months.

Ouya clinches Final Fantasy deal

It's definitely been a busy couple of weeks for Team Ouya, which has thus far managed to raise a staggering $5,845,191 for its nascent Android-powered console on KickStarter.

Final Fantasy XIV sequel gets its first trailer

Another chapter is about to begin in the Final Fantasy universe.

Square Enix wants next-gen consoles now

Publishing giant Square Enix thinks it is wrong for Sony and Microsoft to extend their console life cycles.

Final Fantasy VII remake coming to PC

Don't get your hopes up too high, but a "remake" of the classic RPG Final Fantasy VII is in the works.

Video: Agni's Philosophy demo is our final fantasy

Each year there is a plethora of demos showcased at E3 in Los Angeles. Some make it to the real world as video games while others are just eye candy coded specifically for show.

Square Enix bringing Dragon Quest online

Get ready for one of the most ambitious games ever built for the Wii.

Final Fantasy X HD remake incoming

One of the most iconic entries in the long-running Final Fantasy series is getting a graphical overhaul.

Gamestop apologizes for Deux Ex-gate

The leading games retailer in the US is try to make amends for the admittedly ridiculous way it handled an issue with the PC game Deus Ex.

Gamestop pulls PC game because it advertised a rival company

Video game retailer Gamestop has ordered employees to pull all copies of the PC version of Deus Ex from store shelves, all because of a coupon that was included in the game.

Final Fantasy V to be re-released on PS3

After bringing Final Fantasy VII, VII, and IX to the PS3 through the console's "PS One Classics" library, Square Enix will be recreating Final Fantasy V.

Potentially last big PSP Final Fantasy game released

Last week a marked big occasion for uber fans of Final Fantasy in Japan, as the mega franchise-spanning brawler Dissidia Duodecim came out for the PSP.

Final Fantasy XIII sequel becomes official

Square Enix has just confirmed that it will be releasing a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, about one year from now, in winter 2012.