Starbucks Square partnership gets official

Starting next month, you'll be able to pay for your coffee with Square Wallet.

Starbucks signs up Square for payments processing

Square has won a significant deal with Starbucks, which will see it processing all of the coffee chain's credit and debit transactions, as well as allowing customers to pay using Square's payments system.

Verifone mobile payments arrive on Android

One of the most established companies in credit card payments is entering mobile payments.

Here comes Coin, the latest Square rival

Here's what happens when you create a new market.

Square mobile payments reach $5 billion/year

The company that pioneered the idea of turning any smartphone into a credit card reader is continuing to grow.

MP3 players power ATM skimmers

A number of ATM skimmers sold in the digital criminal underground are made out of MP3 components.

Researchers highlight Square vulnerabilities

It looks like Square might want to stop cutting corners if they want to be taken seriously. Yesterday, researchers at the Black Hat security conference showed two ways in which the Square payment system could be used to commit fraud.

It's hip to be Square: Visa invests in Dorsey's startup

Square has announced a strategic investment from Visa, which industry sources say is in the "single-digit millions."

Dorsey tasked with making Twitter more useful

Last week, TG Daily reported that Jack Dorsey, original Twitter founder, would be making a comeback to the company.