PC rental companies spied on customers in their homes

Seven rent-to-own companies and a software developer have settled federal charges that they spied on customers, including watching them having sex.

UK faces legal action over spyware sales to brutal regimes

Campaign group Privacy International has launched legal action against the British government for allowing the sale of surveillance technology to repressive regimes.

Secret key-logging software found on millions of phones

Millions of Android, Nokia and BlackBerry phones are secretly tracking their users, according to an Android developer.

Samsung denies preinstalling spyware

Samsung has denied reports that it's been shipping PCs with key-logging software preinstalled.

Student steals passwords to bump up his grades

A former student from Orange County, California, has admitted carrying out a series of break-ins and hacks to improve his grades.

Microsoft takes on software pirates with regional crime labs

Microsoft has established nine regional crime labs around the world to counter the supposed scourge of software counterfeiting.