Sprint preps WiMax smartphone for CTIA launch

Sprint Nextel is reportedly poised to launch the first WiMax 4G smartphone at the CTIA wireless conference next week in Las Vegas.

ESPN Mobile TV now on Sprint

Thousands of hours of live sports and entertainment programming from ESPN will be streamed through Sprint phones over the next year through a new channel on the wireless carrier's existing mobile TV infrastructure.

Sprint to cut Virgin Mobile contract subscribers

Sprint announced on Tuesday that it will cut service to all 86,000 of its Virgin Mobile customers who are currently on a contractual service plan. It is part of Sprint's restructuring of its newly-acquired prepaid mobile arm.

Can Palm save itself from irrelevance?

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has outlined a new strategy to buoy sinking sales of its smartphone line.

Sprint shifts into Overdrive with 4G mobile broadband

Sprint has confirmed plans to expand its 4G mobile broadband service to several major cities during 2010, including Boston, Denver, New York and San Francisco.

Sprint preps enigmatic 4G handset for 2010 launch

Sprint Nextel is reportedly preparing to launch its first 4G handset during the first half of 2010.