Sprint set to unveil dual-screen Android tabletphone

It's not quite a tablet, but it's not quite a phone either. With two 3.5-inch displays working side-by-side, this unique device by Sprint looks to be something unlike anything else, and it'll be revealed at an event later tonight.

Sprint rumored to intro dual-screen 4G tablet Feb 7

Sprint will be holding an invitation-only media event on February 7, where it's assumed the carrier will introduce a new iPad killer with two big features - 4G connectivity and dual screens.

Sprint smartphone customer data plan to jump $10

Attention all Sprint customers. If you currently own a smartphone and are locked into a data plan, you will be subject to a $10 increase in your monthly service charges beginning next month.

Sprint brings Blackberry Playbook to 4G stratosphere

While Research in Motion's upcoming tablet isn't gaining a whole lot of buzz, the news at CES that Sprint will release a 4G version of it in several months is starting to turn some heads.

Here comes the Evo Shift 4G, another Sprint 4G phone

Sprint is just running laps around everyone else when it comes to the 4G competition. With two phones already running on its next-generation network, it's already announcing a third - and it's coming out soon.

T-Mobile wants to take 3G as fast as it can go

T-Mobile wants its customers to know that even if they're not eligible to upgrade to 4G yet, or may not have enough money to buy its 4G phones, it still cares about them.

Verizon hastily works to clear bump in 4G road

When it comes to 4G, there are lots of claims floating around. Sprint claims to have the most powerful, T-Mobile says it has the biggest, and Verizon promises to have the fastest. But some of these claims need to come with footnotes.

AT&T, again, ranked as worst mobile carrier

Despite the fact that it had one of its best years in recent history, and has attracted millions of new customers, AT&T has yer again been rated, by far, as the worst mobile phone provider in the US by Consumer Reports.

AT&T intros MiFi mobile hotspot

AT&T is joining the MiFi game. The mobile carrier will soon offer a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, which draws Internet connectivity from a 3G data network, in a market currently only served by Verizon and Sprint.

T-Mobile finally grows a pair, gloats "largest 4G network"

T-Mobile is a huge, worldwide telecom company that probably doesn't spend as much time focusing on the US market as it should. But that has all changed now as the company has launched a brand new marketing campaign to create awareness of its new 4G network.

Sprint 4G goes live in New York City, other new markets

Sprint has just achieved a major milestone in its quest to make the entire country equipped with 4G, as New York City has finally received the high-speed mobile network.

Best Buy to sell 3G-less Galaxy Tab, but what's the point?

A leaked ad suggests Best Buy will begin selling a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab that only has Wi-Fi connectivity and knocks off $100 from the price, but that kind of defeats the entire purpose of the device.

Sprint's 4G network expanding to New York, LA, San Francisco

Sprint, the first mobile provider to launch a 4G network in the US, will soon bring its next-gen mobile data infrastructure to three of the biggest cities in the country.

Verizon talks about its path to 4G

When it comes to the next step in mobile data networks, Sprint is at the top of the game having already deployed a next-gen network in select cities around the country. Verizon will be one of the last. Hear what it has to say about that.

Sluggish AT&T might roll out 4G network next year

AT&T's next-generation mobile network won't be up and running until about a year from now, making it the slowest of the major carriers to do so.

Verizon yet again becomes highest-ranked provider

Verizon's claim that it is the country's "most reliable network" is not just a lot of lofty marketing speak. It actually has the goods to prove it, as has been evidenced again by JD Power & Associate's latest data.

Virgin Mobile: gobble up mobile data for $40/mo

Sprint's Virgin Mobile label will begin offering "all you can eat" mobile broadband subscriptions to users who want to have Internet access with them whenever and wherever, for just $40 a month.

Samsung Epic 4G to crash into stores August 31 at $249

Sprint will be getting its first Samsung Galaxy S phone and Samsung will be getting its first 4G phone on the market at the same time with the August 31 launch of the Epic 4G.

Sprint gets down and dirty with Motorola i1

Sprint is getting down and dirty with Motorola's i1 Android-powered smartphone. 

Samsung Galaxy sells faster than iPhone overseas, US momentum coming?

Samsung's first "Galaxy S" device, the company's new line of high-end Android phones, just became the fastest-selling phone in Korean history, and Samsung believes the momentum will spread throughout the world.