Sprint lawsuit against AT&T/T-Mobile merger is approved

Sprint will be allowed to sue AT&T over its plan to acquire fellow carrier T-Mobile, a plan that is continuing to face problems from the mobile industry and government regulatory agencies.

Sprint experiences iPhone 4S growing pains

Sprint is learning that stamping its name on the all powerful iPhone brand is not all fun and games.

AT&T wants Sprint completely shut out of T-Mobile ordeal

AT&T doesn't want Sprint near any courtroom that's involved in its attempt to acquire T-Mobile and become the largest mobile operator in the US.

Sprint makes Android a possibility for the hearing impaired

Sprint has just rolled out a new app that allows the hearing impaired to talk on their cell phone in a revolutionary new seamless way.

AT&T wants to block Sprint from T-Mobile discussions

AT&T has filed a motion to prevent Sprint from accessing confidential information related to the proposed acquisition of fellow carrier T-Mobile.

Pre-orders for iPhone 4S reach capacity

If you still want to be able to get an iPhone 4S on launch day, you better be on Sprint and be willing to pay for the 32 GB model.

Apple iMessage could hurt mobile carriers

When Apple launches iMessage, a free alternative to traditional text messaging, it could have a damaging impact on mobile carriers.

Sprint confirms unlimited plans for iPhone

Sprint will be doing what other carriers before it seemed unable to once they started selling the iPhone - continue offering unlimited data plans.

Sprint 'to have iPhone 5 exclusive'

Sprint's rumored to have bet the farm on the iPhone 5, committing to buy over thirty million of the devices.

Sprint will go LTE in early 2012

It sure looks like LTE is the way to go, as Sprint looks to firm up its plans to transition to the highest-speed 4G data standard over the next few months.

AT&T eager to go to court

AT&T has no interest in settling with the US Department of Justice.

Update: Google Wallet NFC app is now live

Google's app for paying at stores with your phone may be officially rolled out later today.

Sprint's anti-distracted-driving app launches

Sprint's "Drive First" service is now available, giving peace of mind (sort of) to parents everywhere.

Analyst: "Unprecedented" demand for Apple's iPhone 5

A prominent industry analyst says there is "unprecedented" consumer demand for Apple's next-gen iPhone.

AT&T tries to convince it won't be monopoly

AT&T is putting a new argument on the table to dissuade federal authorities that its T-Mobile purchase won't make it a monopolistic company.

Sprint files suit to block AT&T-T-Mobile merger

Sprint has filed a lawsuit aimed at preventing the proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger, adding its voice to that of the Justice Department to claim that the deal would increase prices and hamper competition.

Android commands 40% of US smartphone market

According to the latest Nieslen data, there are nearly 1.5 times as many Android users as iPhone owners in the US.

Sprint October event fuels iPhone speculation

Sprint has scheduled an unspecified media event for October 7, a date that's eerily close to when the next iPhone is expected to be revealed.

Sprint spikes up early termination fee

Although Sprint still arguably offers the best value for mobile subscription services, it's about to lose that title for early termination fees.

Samsung Galaxy S II will be here in September

Samsung's latest Android-powered smartphone models will be available next month, but as expected Verizon will not be  carrying it.