Sprint bans Huawei gear

The new McCarthyism which is infecting Washington at the moment has caused Sprint to dump the Chinese phone making equipment maker Huawei.

Sprint clinches $550 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for Nov 11

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will be in Sprint stores starting November 11, with a $550 off-contract price tag.

Galaxy Note II coming to Sprint on October 25

Sprint customers, get ready for the biggest smartphone your carrier has ever offered.

Japan's Softbank plans big stake in Sprint

Japan's Softbank is considering taking a large stake in Sprint Nextel, in a deal which could revive the struggling carrier's fortunes - and increase competition in a market dominated by Verizon and AT&T.

Android Jelly Bean leaks for Sprint Galaxy S III

Samsung's Galaxy S III is one of the sweetest smartphones on the mobile market. The only thing that could possibly make it better? Yes, you guessed it - Android Jelly Bean (4.1.1). 

Sprint has already sold a million LTE devices

Although it was the last of the major three to get into the LTE race, Sprint is playing a nice game of catchup.

Isis mobile payment platform delayed

The introduction of Isis's sweeping mobile payment platform continues to move at a crawl.

Android Jelly Bean hits Sprint Nexus devices

Google's Android Jelly Bean is finally hitting Sprint's Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4G courtesy of a long-awaited OTA update.

Sprint LTE coming to 100 new cities

Sprint, which is playing catch-up in the LTE game, has just confirmed 100 new cities for its growing network.

Galaxy Nexus gets Jelly Bean

Although it should have been the first to receive an upgrade, Sprint's Galaxy Nexus is now finally getting Jelly Bean.

Radio Shack's own mobile network launches

The next time you go into Radio Shack, expect to store to try peddling you its own mobile service.

Radio Shack mobile carrier rumors intensify

Internal Radio Shack information shows that the company is planning its own mobile network.

Verizon preventing Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean

If you have a Galaxy Nexus phone and don't have the latest version of Android yet, blame Verizon.

Radio Shack wants to be its own mobile carrier

After hocking other company's mobile service plans for years, Radio Shack thinks it can step into the game and compete directly with the big boys.

Apple cuts iPhone 4S price in the US

Apple's cut the price of the iPhone 4S, in an unusual move that's presumably designed to maintain sales ahead of the iPhone 5's launch later this year.

Sprint Evo phones finally getting Android 4.0

The Ice Cream Sandwich rollout is finally hitting a couple more of Sprint's Evo-branded handsets.

Text-to-donate faces problems for Obama, Romney

The emerging market of text-to-pay isn't quite set up for presidential politics.

Sprint to kick Google Wallet to the curb

Sprint is apparently working on its own mobile payment platform.

Get a pre-paid iPhone for just $30 per month

Sprint's Virgin Mobile brand is to become the US' second carrier to offer the iPhone on a prepay basis - and it starts at just $30 per month.

Samsung Galaxy S III to hit all major carriers

The Galaxy S III will go against the traditional mobile mold and soon be available on every major carrier in the US.