Wall Street goes insane over Spotify

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street who created the dot.com bubble seem set to do the same thing again.

Report: Apple's iRadio debut is imminent

A number of reports indicate that Apple is preparing to debut its iRadio music streaming service next week, with Cupertino supposedly in the midst of campaign to contact major advertisers about the platform.

Some thoughts on Metallica and Spotify

It’s not easy to be in business with your enemy, but in some cases, like the saying goes, it’s better to go with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.

Metallica clinches Spotify deal

For years, some of the world's most popular rock 'n roll and heavy metal bands shunned digital music, allegedly over piracy concerns.  

Apple planning streaming music radio service

Apple is reportedly working on an Internet radio service, and there's a reason people are referring to it as the "Pandora killer."

Spotify Internet radio comes to Android

Music service Spotify is launching its free unlimited streaming platform on Android.

Report: Xbox music service in the works

Microsoft may be unveiling a streaming music platform for the Xbox 360 at E3 in June.

Unplugging: Wye Oak covers The Kinks and Danzig

Closing out the year is a number of great covers by influential musicians, showing that there’s no harm in a little collaborative fun. Happy New Year from MXDWN and TG Daily!

Unplugging: R.E.M calls it quits after 30 years

As many bands gear up for tours and special performances, MXDWN is sad to say we lost a legendary band this week. Their music remains engraved in the hearts of fans, and we’ll keep on rocking.

Coming next month: Facebook Music

Next month, there will one more reason for everyone to stay logged into Facebook 24/7.

Spotify to launch in the US today

After a long, long wait, European music streaming service Spotify is finally launching in the US today.

Facebook may sign with Spotify for music streaming feature

European online music streaming service Spotify may be coming to US shores, through a deal with Facebook.

Spotify forced to limit free streaming music

Spotify AB will be cutting back on its free music-streaming service in an attempt to boost the number of paying subscribers and to prepare for its expansion into the United States.

Music streaming 'good news' for mobile operators

Mobile operators could make more money by scrapping their download stores and partnering with music streaming providers instead.

Rdio pips Spotify to US launch

Rdio has beaten Spotify to the US market, launching its music streaming service across the US and Canada.

Spotify plans US launch for music streaming service

Spotify looks set to start US operations this fall, taking its music streaming service out of Europe for the first time.