Spintronics enable new quantum technologies

A team of researchers, including members of the University of Chicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering, have highlighted the power of emerging quantum technologies in two recently published papers.

Team develops new energy-efficient memory

By using electric voltage instead of electric current, UCLA researchers say they've made major improvements to the ultra-fast, high-capacity magnetoresistive random access memory, or MRAM.

IBM makes big spintronics breakthough

IBM scientists say they've made a big leap towards the practical use of spintronic computing with the first-ever direct mapping of the formation of a persistent spin helix in a semiconductor.

Spintronic LED is brighter and cheaper

A new 'spintronic' organic light-emitting diode promises to be brighter, lower-cost and more environmentally friendly than those currently used in lighting, television and computer displays and other electronic devices.

Research brings more efficient spintronics

As the size of conventional transistors - as predicted by Moore's Law - rapidly approaches the theoretical minimum, Cambridge University physicists say they've made a major step forward in spintronics - a possible successor to the transistor.