The secret to Stan Lee's success

With the recent box office success of Thor, its is clear that Stan Lee's comics and movies are still going strong. 

Sony releases Spider-Man photo from Amazing Spider-Man reboot

Sony has confirmed that the new Spider-Man film set to reboot the popular movie franchise will have a great title - "The Amazing Spider-Man." The entertainment company also released a photo of the spideysuit from the film that has comic book fans talking and gawking.

Spiderman gets a makeover

A surprising announcement comes from the Marvel comics universe this week, as fans discover the fate of one of the longest running, least messed with comic franchises in history, the Fantastic Four. The news actually began months ago, when Marvel revealed that one of the members of the Fantastic four would soon be killed.

'Spiderman' technology based on gecko's foot

A Stanford mechanical engineer is working on an adhesive based on a gecko's sticky foot which would allow people to climb smooth, vertical surfaces.